Hair Glazing

  1. Has anyone here had a hair glaze before?

    I am interested in getting a clear one done on my hair. It's suppose to seal in moisture to your hair and make it look very shiney. They last about 5-6 weeks, so I thought I would be nice for the rest of the summer, so it doesn't get too dried out.

    Do you go to your hairdressors to get it done or go the do it yourself at home option? And if so, what brand did you use?

    I'm trying to figure out if this is worth my time and money and if it will harm my hair!

  2. I like the sound of this! I would appreciate any info. on it as well. I'm in FL right now and the heat and humidity just suck all the moisture from my hair :sad:
  3. A glaze just makes it shiny temporarily. I the problem is hair dryness, I think a leave in conditioner would 1) make your hair shiny 2) condition your hair. They also have hair products to make your hair shiny. A glaze doesn't necessarily condition your hair, and it doesn't guarantee shininess if your hair is dry. I get my hair glazed when I get my hair highlighted. I don't really see a significant difference.
  4. i looooove salon glazes. cellophanes by sebastian is my favorite, but pm shine by paul mitchell is also pretty good. they make your hair SO shiney and soft...and you can also have your stylist add a color that will boost your natural highlights (i've done red, blonde, and dark brown glazes before, but my fave are still clear)

    i don't know about it lasting six weeks though. and the harder you are on your hair (blowdrying, swimming, sun, etc) the quicker it goes back to pre-glaze looks. it works better on dark hair than blonde just because dark hair reflects light better. i also haven't been impressed with any of the home glazes i've tried.
  5. Trust me: Sebastian Colourshines/Cellophanes is definately what you need if you want megashine! It comes in clear and also different colours. It won't damage your hair, and you can even mix colours together. Especially when you have long hair like I have, this is a superb product. I mostely use neutral brown mixed with glorious gold or coffeebean.
    I always go to the salon for colouring and use Sebastian Laminates shampoo, conditioner and stylingproducts to get an ever better result.
    If you want more information check out the website:
  6. ^^^this Sebastian Colourshines product is a SALON process -- right? Not an at home thing? I've heard the at home stuff doesn't do much.
  7. I love to have my hair glazed in a salon!- it evens the color and makes it shiny, but on me, it never lasts very long at all. I have tried the new color glazes (John Frieda) that are in the stores but they have seemed to make my hair sticky and heavy, with a strange feel to it. I never finished the bottle and threw it out.
  8. I get this done in the Saloon after I get my hair dyed. It will make your hair very shiny, but its only works temporarily, and does not last too long.
  9. oh ick, the john frieda ones are horrendous. my hair was matte and clung to my head. it was all sticky and oily. absolutely awful.

    i feel that salon glazes are ok but not great. if i condition my hair regularly and clarify then my hair is glossy and shiny
  10. I've get a glaze every time when I have my highlights. I don't think it conditions my hair particularly, but my hair is extremely shiny. However, I wouldn't say that it last more than a few weeks (though I do wash my hair daily). You can use Sebastian glazes at home. I think you just need to buy some plastic hair caps and then use a blow dryer to seal it.
  11. You can use Sebastian glazes at home, but I prefer to have it done by a professional (because I have long hair)
    Normally foil is wrapped around the glaze, and then you go under a hairdryer for half a hour.
    Colour/shine will slowly fade away and lasts for a few weeks. After colouring your hair will look very natural, healthy and shining. It does not damage your hair (It's also some sort of treatment with protein in it) and does not feel sticky at all.
  12. I have been wanting to try a glaze. I called my salon (an Aveda concept salon) and they had never heard of it! I called a few other places same answer. I guess that's what happens when you live in North Dakota.