Hair freshener?

  1. Does anyone know who makes a hair freshener? I'm talking about a spray product that takes funky scents out of your hair (like cigarette smoke or that restaurant smell). Kind of like Febreze for hair. Years and years ago L'Oreal made one, but I haven't seen that in a long time. It's just a light spray so it doesn't provide texture, greasiness, stiffness or anthing like that.
  2. The Body Shop makes one I think and so does Herbal Essences. There L'Oréal's The Cool Scent too. Ojon might make one too. Try the QVC website.

    I also found this tip online from Garden Web:
    Quick "Hair Freshener" - Put an old, clean nylon stocking over your brush and run it though your hair to remove dust and oil. If your roots are greasy soak some cotton wool in witch hazel, cologne or skin tonic and rub all over scalp.
  3. Sebastian makes a product called Dry Clean that is good for this but if you purchase a good Tourmaline hair dryer, it will eliminate smells. It attracts impurities and will eliminate smells from the hair. Tourmaline in the only stone that actually emits it own ion so it not only helps close the cuticle of your hair, it helps it dry faster and eliminates odors. If you can't find a tourmaline dryer get yourself a tourmaline hairbrush as it will work, too.
  4. I have the Jonathan Product Re-Do Spray. It's not bad, but not great either. It doesn't smell greatl, but it's def. better than cigatette smoke, food, etc. I'm a bit "meh" about it. Good luck finding something.

    Didn't Bumble and Bumble make something like this at one time?
  5. I have the PERFECT product for you! :nuts: It's called "Mist-er Right" by DevaCurl, made by Devachan salons. Their products are mainly for curly hair, but this product is good for ANY hair type. It has an awesome lavender smell. I used to use it to freshen my hair after going to smoky bars here in NYC, way before they banned smoking here.

    Here's a few links where you can buy it online:

    DevaCurl Mist-er Right DevaCurl Mist-er Right: Health & Personal Care
  6. I use the one by Clean....
  7. I tried this one and I didn't like it at all. I didn't think it smelled good or worked very well.
  8. How about chanel hair-Mist?
  9. Frederick Fekkai makes one
  10. he does? whats it called?
  11. Cake Beauty makes one as well, it smells really good, like vanilla cupcakes!
  12. The one made by Herbal Essences made my hair appear oily, it smelled nice, but it left a residue
  13. i work in a restaurant....i just use johnson's baby powder in my hair if it needs a lift.