Hair Extentions...Have Them?

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  1. Please post if you currently have or had hair extentions and what kind they are and what the upkeep is. I got a way too short haircut and am toying with the idea of extentions so ladies I need your input.
  2. Wayyyyy back when, I used to have short hair just like Winona Ryder. I just wanted to see what I looked like w/ short hair and after I did, I wanted my longer hair back again (it was to the bottom of my back). Anyway, I decided to get extensions, $650 and 6 hrs later, I had hair about 4 inches past my shoulders and I loved it. However, they glued each teeny tiny section on individually so that's why it took so long. With that said, it was weird to brush my hair and feel those glue clumps in there. After about 4 months, they started coming loose so I just decided to say screw it, I took them out myself (long and awful story, won't bore you with horrific details). I left conditioner in my hair for about 30 mins and voila. My hair was good as new and a little longer since I didn't cut it for 4 mths! It was good to go through that experience but honestly, the upkeep is too HM for me and I wouldn't do it again if I had short hair. I would just impatiently wait IMHO. HTH!
  3. Oh yea, forgot to tell you how they got the hair in the 1st place. First of all, they snipped a sample out of my hair and sent it to Sweden where the texture of my hair was analyzed under a microscope. Then, they would find real human hair that matched my texture and color exactly ( they did an excellent job BTW) and then glued it on.
  4. I've always wanted extensions but too expensive for me...although $650 sounds extremely reasonable.....i think the places in the city that I go to charge $3000 and up.......
  5. Holy hell??!!! That's just nuts! Maybe that's b/c you're so close to NYC?? In AZ, it wasn't as big of a deal years ago I think.
  6. iVe got them , mine are 7 pieces and they are great one of my best buys ,the hairdresses does so many styles i look different everytime. i can send some pictures
  7. I llooovvveee my extensions. Best thing I ever did!
  8. Never...ever get extentions. They will damage your existing hair as it grows out and you will become a slave to the repair and cover of the damage that the extentions cause. It is like getting acrylic nails... look cute, but the natural nail is carved out and has to grow out for a looong time before you can show your natural nails again without a cut in it.

    Just work with what ya got. Short hair can be very very cute! Try different colors-- highlights, lowlights! Try cute clips (Swarovski crystal never hurt a short 'do!)

    My advice is to save your money and time. Extentions can hurt when you sleep (lay down on them), and your hair and scalp will start to get 'ripe' because you can't wash your hair as often... gross!

    If you are craving change, get new MAC cosmetics or get some cute crystal hairclips!! You will save LOTS of money, time, and pain!
  9. i guess the salons in ny try to rip me off......figures....everything else here is so i guess i don't really need extensions since my hair is halfway down my back....stll.....would love to have long long thick hair..... :sad2:

    as for upkeep.....if your hair's long enough can't you just cut off the damaged ends?
  10. My husband HATES hair extensions! He jokes that if I ever got them, he'd divorce me so fast my head would swim. When I get sick of him, I'm coming home with long locks down to my ankles;) !!!
  11. Honestly I don't know. Not sure how that works since I never cut mine.
  12. I actually have extensions now for the third time and they didn't damage my hair at all. It all depends on the system they use and the hair dresser. I have great lengths which is probably the most expensive but also the best quality. I actuallwas able to let my hair grow with it over my shoulders without splitting the ends. They use a ultrasonic system with a ceratin plate so it's not glued. The ultrasonic warms up the ceartin and the hairdresser wrappes the streak around a streak of your own hair. I actually never lost a streak and brushing isn't a problem at all. My extensions are 40cm long now and the next time when I go back to get them removed my own hair has this lengths and I just need about 70 instead of 150 streaks just to thicken it. Washing and taking care of it it's the same procedure as with natural hair and it doesn't hurt at all when it's done properly. I would suggest you check out the wp and you'll be able to find a good and experienced hairdresser. I wouldn't want to live without them anymore.
  13. I had them a couple of times over the years. There's different ways to put them in. Glue or sewn. Some people cannot tolerate them b/c they get headaches. They are fun but hard to maintain. They can get tangled easily. If your up to taking care of them and the maintenance then go for it- go for a consultation first. Prices vary- some can cost in the thousands and some in the hundreds. If you search around you may be able to find some salon that will do them for the right price (within your budget).
  14. Exactly. I have had extensions for 2 years on an off. I keep them in for about 2 1/2 to 3 months, then take them out for another 2. If you look after them well nothing goes wrong! Sure there are terrible stories about bad extensions, ones done from the root that tag the hair out or ones just stuck on. Mine are not bumpy, they are flat. And u cant really feel them by touching them.
    And about acrylic nails. Again, it depends. I have had fake nails (really short ones) for 5 years now. I rest my nails in between but not really longer that 1 or two weeks (with vitamin strengthener). Have them done well, dont let them file down your nails and have them taken off professionally. Not with acetone! And then have a nail nourishing treatment.

    Oh and Tanja means
  15. My cousin has extensions and it looks gorgeous on her. Her natural hair is straight, black color & mid-length. The salon gave her a 5-set of 60cm (the longest) hair pieces, permed her hair, put color & highlights as well. I attached her before & after pics. Look how a change of haircolor & hairstyle can transform one's look :nuts:

    As for the hassles, after getting extensions, she always has a regular visits & treatments to the salon. She has her hair washed & curled at the salon practically everytime. So since then, she never washed her hair herself :P

    As for me, I'd love to get extensions too, but I'm really not a fan of salon (sitting down for hours doing nothing except reading magazines). I don't think I can handle it. So, I'll just leave my hair as it is for now :shame:

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