Hair extentions: friend or foe?

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  1. I know celebrities do it all the time, but does anyone have personal experience with hair extentions? How long can you keep them in, does it hurt, do they glue them in or braid them in? I am very curious because I absolutely do not have it in me to be patient-for handbags or long hair!
  2. FOE!!!!

    haha. i had them 2 years ago.. and paid a hell of alot of money.. nad its not soooo much that it hurts. its jsut that when it grows just a lil you can see the bonds everywhere.. and it hurts and it knots together

    also as it grows your hair gets tangled. and when they take it out you feel bald.. haha but htese are my opintions

    clips are the best option i think
  3. I have never had them personaly because my hair grows about an inch a month so longer hair doesn't take me too long to get. However in watching "What Not to Wear" I would never get extensions just because of the damage they do to the hair
  4. I never had any. I hope I will never have any cause my friend told me there's a lot of work and upkeep for it.
  5. Foe!!!

    Nightmare to keep tidy. They feel itchy and unnatural, and you can no longer run your fingers through your hair. Definitely do not recommmend them :smile:
  6. Thanks for the input-my hairdresser said the same thing. I just wish my hair grew an inch a month!
  7. this is funny cuz i'm looking into extensions too.. one of my friends has them currently for a hawk tail (to which i'm doing also) and it looks/feels fine.. and he says it doesn't hurt him at all, and that's saying something cuz he's a little wussy when it comes to pain. haha.

    i found this article online that helped ease a lot of my questions, so i'm gonna pass it on to you: Hair Extensions The Safe Way

    it's very informative!
  8. well technically, hair should grow about 1-1.4 inches every 6 weeks. that's almost like an inch a month.
  9. it depends on the method. I've heard the fusione methopds are expensive and need a lot of maintenance. The sew in method (favoured by black people) needs no special maintenance apart from cleaning and detangling. I have no idea whether or not sew-in weaves are practical for caucasian hair.:shrugs:
  10. clips are your best option. its hair sewed onto a clip that you clip in your hair.. ill post pics tonight. i wear them everyday and its like habing extensions without the damagin effect
  11. FOE!!

    i had the ones where they clamp onto your real hair via little metal clips. they stayed in surprisingly well (i wasn't very kind to them) and had them for 1.5 months. HOWEVER, they were a pain to wash (literally, if u were at the salon getting ur hair done, it KILLED to have the water pull the hair back), and rather annoying to brush (you need to avoid the bit that attaches real to faux hair)

    it looked great in pictures and was great for x'mas. come to think of it, i had a very fake x'mas with hair and eyelash extensions and fake nails. haha!
  12. I have so much hair to begin with, I can't even imagine what I'd look like with hair extensions!
  13. Foe!

    It feels foreign and it's itchy. I took it out within a month b/c it was so hard to maintain and uncomfortable!
  14. Nice article. very informative. Thanks Frozen.
  15. I wear extensions.My hair look completely natural i am one of the lucky ones. They look foe only if your hair are short and you decide to go super long. Also it depends how much you are willing to pay if you don't get many or you get too many it shows. Also the stylist must be a peson you trust and have good taste as the hair cut you get immediately after is very crucial. It needs to be as effortless as possible not too much layering but not no layering at all. Also the stylist must take extra care finding the exact color of your hair. If you have highlights she/he must combine two or three colors in order to achieve a successfully result.Usually they are bored and stick to one color and so it looks fake. I have highlights and it looks more natural.Hope this helps...
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