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  1. ^ Oh No!! And, I really want a pair of Bianca's ... and I just saw your siggy....!
  2. My second set of clip ins should be here soon. I am planning on wearing them Saturday for a work dinner.
  3. Biancas... :graucho:

    What colour is your hair? I have very light platinum hair and I tried clip ins in the past; however, I found that everything I tried looked like plastic Malibu Barbie hair! :nogood:
  4. My hair is black. I already have one set of Rapunzel clip ins. I love them but they aren't as thick as I would like so I got another set.
  5. I did hair extension for several times, it's really wonderful! but not so easy to wash hair, besides this, it's very woderful.
  6. You look awesome with and without extensions. I can't wait to see pics with your GL ones in :smile:
  7. I got my GL extensions today. I had 300 bonds placed, 6 bunches of hair. It took 8 hours.

    It is not heavy, the process is not painful - except for sitting on your behind for 8 hours.

    I did take pics, but, don't post face pics on the public forum.

    I was told hair grows an average of 3" every 6 months, I would like to stay in GL's for a year to get 6" of growth on my real hair.

    It is expensive, but, it feels great - can't wash it for 2 days, will post more after the first wash and style.
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    I had great lengths extension in for 5 years and it looked great. It didn't damage my own hair at all and actually helped to grow over my shoulders. It is more maintanance but so worth the time. I replaced them every 6 months for new ones. I always had the 40cm lengths which ended at my elbows. I paid 1200$ for each visit at my hair dresser but I live in Germany. The first 2 days were a bit uncomfy because the extensions were close to my scalp but after that I didn't notice them anymore and could do everything what I did with my normal hair.
    Now my hair is about shoulder lengths and thick enough that I don't need extensions anymore. I stopped wearing extensions because I had them for so long and wanted to have shorter hair and a different look but I'll definetely wear them again once I get sick of my look now.
    Go for it and enjoy having long hair. I'm sure it looks great.
  9. I'm wearing my clipins for a work dinner tomorrow night. I'm excited to use the extra set that I bought.
  10. Congrats! And I am so jealous. I want them again, but it's just not in my budget right now. Maybe by next summer...
  11. Hi ladies! :biggrin:

    Here is an update for you all who are considering Great Lengths - with extremely unprofessional pics! :graucho:

    PLEASE do not mind the bathroom in the background - yuck! We are renovating, I swear! Without further ado...

    So this was me prior to having GL "installed," if you will. I had wefts at this point and would not recommend these. You can wear your hair one way with wefts: down. You constantly need to be weary of the tracks showing, so a breezy day is definitely not your friend. These must be redone once a month and can get expensive. The hair is not typically very good quality and the sheer maintenance is annoying at best. That said, they didn't look bad when styled properly - down of course. ;)


    The next photo is from last night after NINE HOURS at the salon. Let me repeat that: NINE HOURS. If you want GL, you need to understand that there is a lot of time and patience involved with a full head. Now, mind you, my time included the removal of my wefts, the application of GL, cut, colour, style & blow dry. Your time will vary depending on how many strands you have put in, etc etc. I have extremely fine hair and had a LOT of strands put in. The actual application hurts, just to be very clear. Your head will be sore for a couple days after, as your hair is pulled essentially strand by strand when the bonds are applied. I could not even sleep on the sides of my head - nor the back - last night, so I slept on my face. :p

    In this picture, my hair had not been styled.


    This next picture is from today - actually about 15 minutes ago. I threw a few curls in the ends of my hair to see how I liked the look, and I'm a little meh about it thus far. I went darker and kept these extensions VERY long, so I'm kind of feeling like a Mermaid right now; it is a difficult look to get used to coming from a bob! At any rate, here is my hair styled a bit:


    Overall, I have had these extensions in for all of 24 hours, but I can say that I am satisfied - thus far!! My hair moves like natural long hair now and the hair is good quality - ladies, do not skimp on the good quality hair! You will pay $300 to upwards of $1k depending.... It is worth it! There is nothing worse than cheap extensions - everyone can tell! At any rate, I'll stop the rambling as if I were some sort of expert.... I hope these before and after pics and my eight cents worth help those of you who are on the fence. The verdict? You only live once, it's only hair, and if you want em - get em!
  12. Looks great! How long do they last?
  13. jenay - They look great. Do you think you are going to keep them long? I couldn't do it, I went in 3 days later and had her give me a fierce layer cut, think Kat von D style. My natural hair is too short to blend into the elbow lenght hair, my husband said I looked like I had a mullet. (BTW: was at CL Vegas today, rude SA, and all the usual suspects, nothing special).
  14. Hope you are having fun in Vegas Loganz!
  15. I just got my headkandy extensions today and i love them! they're great quality and cheap! i use to have paris hiltons dream catchers extension that were bonded to your hair strands, the were very very expensive and i had to go to the salon every 6 weeks to move them up. not to mention they cause hair breakage, i personally think clip-in extensions are the best way to go
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