Hair Extensions..

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  1. Who has them? How long did they last before returning to the salon. How easy is it to care for them?

    I'm only asking because I've been thinking about them since I'm tired of my hair that just won't *grow*
  2. I had them for about a month before I just got tired of it and had them taken out. Mine were sewn-in and they were just so painful and giving me headaches all the time! If I had to do it over, I would get clip-ins instead, those seem to be the way to go.
  3. i would highly recommend HeadKandy hair extensions. I have been wearing extensions for about 7 years now...clip-in and great lengths(those made my hair fall out!). Headkandy by far is the best quality and gives you a TON more hair than other clip-in extensions I have bought.
  4. The salon I work at does great lengths. Everyone really loves them and we do a few a week. I know the girls who have them say they hurt at first and it takes a few hours to get them in/out so you need time.
    I used clip ins for a long time but no longer do, I LOVED them. Mine were euronext from Sallys.
    Hope that helps!
  5. Yeah, I have heard alot of negative things about hair extensions that are sewn in.

  6. My cousin said the same thing.. My hair is naturally very long and thick ( I HATE IT!) but have you tried any pills to make your hair grow?
  7. drink flax oil! your hair will grow :smile:

    if not, definitely stay far away from sewn-in extensions. pay the extra money for the best quality clip-ins and make sure they show you exactly how to put them in right.
  8. No, I haven't tried pills..what do you recommend?
  9. i reccomend head kandy clip ins i wanted hair extensions for agges! and then i heard good reviews about head kandy so i sent a picture by email of my hair colour and id give them thumbs up because they got the exact colour perfect! hope that helps x
  10. I have Great Lengths Hair Extensions and I have been very happy with the results. My bonds last about three months, and then I have them taken out and reapplied.
    I use them to thicken my fine blond hair, and I have worn Great Lengths for eight years.
    I use a gentle shampoo, and keep condtioner away from the bonds. I also put gloss drops on the shaft of my hair to keep tangles from developing.
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    I just called a salon near me to find out how much hair extensions would start out at..$1,800.00!! They are *shrink-wrapped* to your natural hair...have any of you heard of this??
  12. I like the idea of emailing a pic of your haircolor. I found a youtube today of a girl explaining how to wear this kind too.

    Thanks for your advice :smile:
  13. how do u kno the salon does good hair extensions i am condsidering extensions and does the extensions look real?

  14. This is my problem as well. I just think that price quoted to me was ridiculous when my hair is shoulder length and I only wanted a few extensions but no matter what they *start* at that price :nuts:
  15. yes and if it is going to be pricey they better do a good job but of course you will not know that until the process is complete hair salons can be a nightmare to find a good one =/
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