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  1. Wondering how many of you rock it and love it and would be willing to confess to it. If you do, any suggestions on how to go about getting one and maintaining it?
  2. I have had friends do this...BEAUTIFUL ones..I would NEVER do it!!! Lots of work, and they MUST MUST MUST be looked after or they look so bad! If you have the time and will keep up on the maintance...then do it. Its a commitment!
  3. How long did they have theirs in? Was it just for a week or two?
  4. A few weeks...but they were forever going in and getting them fussed with...I love being a woman and love having my nails, hair, makeup etc...done...this was WAY too much for even me. BUT they do look KILLER if done right.
  5. Is it really hard to care for extensions/weaves?....I am really thinking of getting it done on my hair but am afraid of it tangling and looking messy..and I have thick hair to begin with...I really just want more length, not much volume wise...any input would be much appreciated!!:smile:
  6. Mine have been in for almost 3 weeks and they are still fabulous with no extra care. I brush them out each day like I would my own hair. I can keep these for a year and only go in every 3 months to have them pulled up (as they grow out with the hair) Just remember you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I paid $3K for mine and they are well worth it! I LOVE THEM!
  7. Yes I do -all of the time. Who wouldn't admit it? It's not a big deal anymore. All of the stars do it.
  8. i've been rockin' my hair extensions for over 3 years now! LOVE them! it's hard to imagine my life without them! haha! =)

    i'm also a hairstylist who does them .. & there are many different methods .. so u just want to research what's best for u and what u like. [ some are definitely WAY better then others ]

    as for upkeep .. there's a little added care, especially if u have the bonded ones .. u just want to make sure u brush them really good right at your scalp .. so the bonds don't "form together" ..
  9. oooooh makes me wanna consider them!
  10. I've had the hair extensions in the past and loved them. I wore them for quite awhile and had a few bald spots where a few must've ripped out. But I would still do it again.

    This year I switched over to the clip in ones. I ordered them online and they look really nice & natural. I really got lucky I picked a color online that matched my hair perfect. My hairdresser told me she could dye them if I ever switched to another color.

    My boyfriend has never said anything but it does bother me when he forgets I have them in and I have to keep his hands away from my hair because I don't want them to get damaged or pulled out. That's the only downside for me, otherwise I love them.
  11. i had them in for prom and kept them three weeks after. they were nice, but too hard to handle. it hurt a looot when i had them pulled out =X
  12. Proud Weave wearer here. Just call me weavy wonder;)
  13. weavy wonder!!Lol!! Thats funny!!x
  14. I had Cinderella hair extensions for a little while and they looked AMAZING. However, I was constantly in the salon dropping a thousand dollars every couple of weeks when I was told it would be way less maintenance/money than that. I took wonderful care of them but it still cost a ton of money and A LOT of time. Getting a hilight and your extension upkeep at the same time was an all day adventure.

    Plus, I ride horses and my helmet did not fit when I had them in.

    I had "bonded" extensions and when the little bonds start to peel even the tiniest bit, it cuts into your scalp.
    Plus, my BF hated them because he said it was "too fake" when he had his hands in my hair. Hmmmmm....he had never complained about the two silicone objects I have that are definitely "fake" :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:.

    All in all, I am a high maintenance person (hair, nails, clothes, etc.) but the extensions were too high maintenance and mostly too expensive for me.
  15. They can look great when chosen correctly! I must say I've never had them, but a close friend has and it's been a huge hassle keeping them pretty. Hers tangled up a lot and looked barbie-ish, even though it was real hair.

    I guess it comes down to wether you have the time and will to take good care of them. It's a total commitment and I'm a slob lol, so I'd never get any.
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