Hair Extensions, have/do you wear them?

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  1. Has anyone had them or currently have them? I know of Great Lengths & apparently Jessica Simpson is coming out with a line of hair extensions too but are they permanent or temporary?
  2. I had the Great Lengths Extentions put in last summer. Frankly, I wouldn't do it again. Although they looked great, I spent almost $1000 & they started falling out at 2 1/2 months. I swear, I looked like I had the mange!:shocked: :lol: (I was told they would last at least 4 months) They gave me headaches & it was a pain to wash my hair. The one good thing is that they didn't damage my hair after all of them were removed.
  3. Wow $1000 is a lot. A salon & went to told me it would be about $ 400 & I thought that was a bit expensive for me. I also heard it takes like 12 hours to get them in

  4. My hair was pretty short to start with. It took about 4 1/2 hours.
  5. One of my good friend had them done last year and felt the same way. They were so expensive and she kept getting so upset as they kept falling out. We were in a wedding together and she was so worried about showering and getting in the pool/hot-tub. Meanwhile, several strands fell out during the weekend anyway. They looked terrific, but I don't think she felt like they were worth the hassle.
  6. I have extensions and I love love love them. I have been wearing them for almost 7 years now, off and on, mostly on though. I go to a girl who does braids, full head weaves etc. her in LA and she charges me $35.00 per 'track" and I have 5 tracks, so it's about $150 to get the whole thing put in. I have a standing appt every other friday morning where she either straightens it, tightens up any loose tracks or styles it etc.
  7. if i had short hair and wanted it long quick id try them out. each to their own isnt it but however as ive got hair down to my ass even if i wanted them they'd be shorter than my natural hair anyway and would only thicken it, which i something i dont want.

    if you want them though, i say go ahead and have a go, i mean you only live once dont you...
  8. I have braids/extensions at the moment. Because my hair is unrelaxed/natural, I get them to 'change up' my look. My husband isn't fond of the straight weave look, so I have to find alternatives -- although I wouldn't mind getting a weave put in, just for the look. I used to get them all the time when my hair was relaxed. Done right, they can look very chic.
  9. what is the name of the salon?
  10. I have great lengths hair extensions, mine have lasted four months and still look okay, but they feel disgusting.. I'm getting mine removed tonight because they've grown out but I think I'm getting some more put in in the next couple of weeks. Mine were cheap because my friend is a hair dresser. They're really addictive though!

  11. What do you mean by "they felt disgusting?". I want to try great lengths, but Im worried about doing it in the summer as I will be swimming. I may ruin them.
    Even though it fet bad, did t still look good after 4 months?
    Also did you find your own hair was being pulled out? So have you lost your OWN hair?
  12. she actually works independently but if you would like to pm me I can give you her direct telephone number
  13. I never knew how it worked and my hair is long (up to my tush) so there was no need for it. I always wondered if they weave it in or they use glue or what not.
  14. My friend got hair extensions and they looked not that great. Maybe it was the person who was putting them or the type of extensions she was using. If I looked up close, I could definitely see where the hair extension was put in. It looked like tiny little balls of clear glue holding the extension to her real hair. My friend had neck length hair to begin with and if you looked at her hair in the back, you could tell where her real hair ended.

    I guess if you get them done, make sure to go on referral that way you know you are going to someone trustworthy.
  15. ya if you have dark hair and you get a bond in extension (the little sections of glue fused into your real hair) it kind of looks like dry boogers in your hair....ewwww.

    that is why I always get the sewn in kind (tracks)
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