Hair extensions.. Glued or tied in?

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  1. So i am seriously thinking of getting hair extensions... Do you like the glue in ones or the tied in ones? WHich last longer which are better? Also how much is it usually? Also how long does it last? Would you recommend it? I want mine like nicole richies...thank ya
  2. I prefer sewn in. It costs anywhere from $80-$150. Last time I got them Africans did it and it lasted me 3 months but I'm African American. I dont know how that would work for you. I was able to get my hair washed and eveything. It made my hair grow a lot.
  3. I've tried everything...greatlengths...weaves...and now I'm using ken paves clip ins...I think the best are the clip ins...or a weave...the have a new thing called hair concepts...but as far as I's only in LA.
  4. Im in LA what is hair concepts? thanks
  5. Get clip in's! Much easier to mange & they won't damage your hair.
  6. I did buy clip ins and they look HORRIBLE on me! I put them in and there is my short hair and along with it long hair i look like i have a Mullet!!!!
  7. Weaved in or sewn in extensions will DESTROY your hair. "Glued in" extensions, if they are quality ones, are NOT glued at all. The bond they attach to your own hair is made of keratin which is what your hair is made out of. I suggest going to a salon that specializes in Cinderella Extensions or even better, Hairdreams Extensions. Just be prepared to drop around $1500 to $2500 on one full head of hair, depending on the length you go with.

    Here is a pic of me with mine when I had them. I am the blond in the first pic and I am on the far right in the second pic.
    DSC00569.jpg DSC00570.jpg
  8. ^^^^^ That is soo untrue... Sewn in extensions don't harm you hair if they are done correcty. The hair is simply cornrolled and then a net is placed on top of the cornrolls and the hair is sewn onto the net it never even touches your hair so I don't really understand where the detroying come in....

    I wouldn't suggest glue ones because if you really aren't careful and dont know how to take them out they can damage your hair.
  9. My hair is fine and fragile and it was wrecked from the cornrowing part of the process and the fact that the weight of the hair weave attached to the rows pulls on your real hair that is in the rows. I was just advising on my personal experience with weaving and that it was not the way for me at all. Plus, it just does not style or move like bonded extensions IMO.

    Basically if you go to a VERY experienced hairdresser that has expertise in extensions you should be OK with whatever they recommend based on your hair type and the look you are trying to acheive. I would never go somewhere that I had not already seen the hairdresser's work or had a direct referral to them from someone who was a client.
  10. ^^^ I second that with an experienced ahir stylist... thats why I never get them weaved directly onto the hair but onto a net... let pulling and breaking that way
  11. I've never had extensions myself.. but I do have a good friend who did. She got the glued-on kind, and let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight when she wanted them off. The hair was very matted around the glued part and this caused a whole lot of breakage.

    I'd second the opinion about consulting with a stylist in order to find what best suits your hair. Good luck, and show us how it turns out!
  12. That must have been the prob with mine, I don't think she used a net. Mine came out really really easily when I had them bonded in. They just rub a bit of clear solution on the bond and since it is not "glue" but actual keratin, it just dissolved and the extension slid off. My hair was exactly the same as it was condition-wise as it had been before.

    Extensions can be very scary though! Do lots of research on your stylist, I can't stress that enough!
  13. I had the Cinderella extensions in loads of times they are the Best. Well I loved them. now I got my hair cut a month ago above my shoulders. And I got clip ins too. But my clip ins wont blend at all. :sad:

    So it looks like I have to get the Cinderella ones back in.
    Had glue in ones before there ok to put in for a weekend I thought.
  14. I hate to hear that:sad:. Mine were sewn in without a net but like I said the lady was African and she does this ALL DAY LONG. My hair grew like what seemed to be 3 inches. I had a HUGE afro afterwards and my sister was laughing. It was really thick. But I agree with your advice; PLUS diff hair types experience different things.
  15. how much were the cinderella ones?? and what are those?
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