Hair Extensions, Anyone?

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  1. Okay, so I have completely fried my hair with my straightening iron and prior to that, it was cut incredibly short (ie, I won't go get all my broken ends cut off because my hair would be so short at that point that I would look like a boy). My question is, who has tried hair extensions, particularly while waiting for a bad cut to grow out? Is it true that when you get the extensions removed, you just wind up with even more damage? About how much do they cost (I don't want anything real long, just few inches past my shoulders)? Any input, or sharing of experiences (either good or bad) is greatly appreciated!!
  2. I have hair extensions, they are the clip in kind from Jessica Simpson, and I ablsolutely love them, I can put them in the morning and take them out at night, they are 100% human hair, so you can straighten, color, or curl it like it is youre hair- and it is not damaging. On the other hand I have also had Fusion extensions as well, IMO they are a little hard on your hair, b/c they are glued or "fused" to a small section of your own hair at your scalp, and having them taken out is what is a little damaging, it just what ever your preference is, the fusions ususally run between $800-$1000, and the Jess Simp ones are about $200-keep in mind you can use the J.S. over and over again, and once you get the fusions taken out that is it, you will have to pay that chunk of change all over again to get them redone.
  3. I actually just bought the J.S. ones tonight, but not in the human hair I got the synthethic instead. I only paid about $90 for them shipped. I bought the long and wavy ones in med. blonde. I'll let you know how they work out once I get them in.

    BTW, Holly di where find you find the human hair ones for $200? I've only seen them for $500!
  4. Try Hair-U-Wear! They are fabulous and clip on snugly. They are the closest thing I found to my own hair color. They are not expensive either, around $100.
  5. I also have JS line. I like them OK. I don't think they are for people for thick hair (like myself) But, I make them work.
  6. Where do you get the JS ones?
  7. how do you clip them on?
  8. I would recommend real human hair extensions if you can get them because the synthetic ones that Jessica Simpson's product sells looks not natural and it's too shiny. Almost like doll hair, so definitely get human hair if you can.
  9. VeeDubGirl--I am hairdresser, and I buy those extensions in bulk, so I get a pretty good deal!!!
  10. I was considering the JS ones, but i have heard mixed reviews about them.
  11. Is it hard to put in? I have a pixie cut right now and sometimes I want to go long for awhile but don't know if it would hard to attach or even look natural in my hair
  12. I had extensions for about 6 months a few years ago. They were weaved into my own hair via braids. They were real hair but I would not do it again. They looked great for a few days until I had to wash my hair. Lots of the hair came out and it took forever to dry. I always had to have my hair curled so you couldn't see the line between my own hair and the extensions (I was growing out my hair at the time). I even had a hair dresser try to blend them in. Another thing I always worried about was people seeing the tracks since my hair is blonde. Once they were taken out my hair was in better shape than I expected.
  13. So i tried Jess 'hairdo' human hair extensions, and they were amazing, soooo soft and silky. Credit where its due they quality is amazing, but they are sooo expensive and if im honest there isnt enough hair!

    So anyways i have been researching, half head human wigs..they are the exact same thing! Same cap hooked

    Has anyone tried them? or seen a site that sells them..if not could you help me research them, i need hair like Adrianna Lima's i love love love it!
  14. I currently have "Cinderella" hair extensions and love them. My hair is blond and straight and about 6 inches above my waist. My hair was about 5-6 inches below my shoulders to begin with. My hairdresser makes the "bonds" super small so it does not damage my hair. I had the same brand of extensions about 2 years ago and my (ex) hairdresser did a terrible job! They looked great but started to pull my hair out by the roots because my hair is really fine and it was too heavy. So, my current hairdresser cuts the bonds two to three times smaller than the ex hairdresser. It made a huge differnce and I love them!
  15. Is anyone up for posting pic's of their hair and then with JS extensions ?
    I have thought about them but worries they would looks awful.
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