Hair Dying!!

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  1. Well, as you know it's summer. And for me, school is out, meaning I no longer have to follow that GAY dress code!! So, everyone is dying their hair! My friends want to dye mine. Any suggestions? We ARE NOT going permanent, haha.
    heres a picture to see my hair currently
  2. hmm. . . I don't know, do you want bright color?

    Also, side note, what's up w/ your location?
  3. yeah....i agree. your location is turning me off.... sory.

    but, that shouldn't stop me from replying to you, so i say go blonde. platinum blonde.
  4. oh haha my friend helped me make this idk how to change it!
  5. click on User CP to change your info
  6. thanks, we made a new one cuz i forgot my password and it just messed up so now i didnt put anything! but anyway, my friend suggested that i dye auburn on the bottom layer, and keep the rest as is
  7. I think you should start of on a slightly better note with us eh? On your other thread I had a bit of a problem with ur Location as well.

    Right, about hair dyes, it kinda depends how old you are?
    You could go for something with a reddish tone in it. Thatll look nice.
  8. Wow, you look a bit like linsey lohan. I say go a strawberry red!!!
  9. actually, we don't permit you to have 2 user ID. We have to delete one.