Hair dye SOS

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  1. Last night I permanently dyed my hair. The end result was fine but I looked at the back of my hair and it looks like half of it missed the dye. I have some highlights which mostly took the dye but the ones at the back obviously needed longer. Could I buy the same dye and just do that bit again? Or do I need to wait since it was permanent? Any help it appreciated
  2. Honestly, I would probably go to a salon and have it fixed.
    A friend of mine did the same thing, and she missed a huge section in the back of her head, and she re-dyed it the next day and she got some of the dye got on the parts of hair that already took color, and it got really dark and the part that didnt get much dye the first time, turned a really weird color. She ended up having to go to a salon and have it fixed.