Hair dye products: What would you recommend?

  1. I have thick, dark brown/black Asian hair. My hair started graying quickly recently and I have been wanting to color it. A good friend warned me away from using hair-dye products, saying that they were too harsh for my hair and would damage it. Instead, she recommend it that I go to her salon and ask the stylist to apply a "black gloss" product. Not only would this color my hair, but it would be gentle on my hair. I tried it and liked it, but was looking for a more affordable alternative. I tried the at-home hair dye kit as well, but found that the product burned my scalp. I don't know if there is a do-it-yourself version of the "black gloss" product that I can buy since it was something that the stylist mixed up himself so there was no box/bottle that I could take a look at. Does anyone have any product recommendations that is effective at coloring but gentle as well?
  2. ^ I do my own colored gloss at home...

    I use Clairol Professional Radiance Color Gloss from Sally's Beauty Supply. I usually do 1 part dye to 3 parts clear gloss, but sometimes I do half and half, then I mix it with the Professional Radiance Color Infuser. It's ammonia free and deposit only, so it won't "lift" color, turn it orange or anything funky like that. It doesn't damage my hair AT ALL :tup:
  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I will go check it out.