Hair Dye Experts- Please help!

  1. Okay- so I need some serious advice. I dyed my hair last night (okay my wonderful husband did it for me)- I used the Garnier Nutrisse (sp?) blonde #100. I, naturally, have dark blond hair. I am fair with green eyes and have skin with lots of red undertones. So- according to everything I read, I'm supposed to go with the natural tones to cool tones (as the warm tones just look sort of funny). Long story short- my hair looks fine, but is too warm-toned. It is really a honey sort of blond. My question is: am I stuck with this color for the next four weeks until I can dye it again? Can I use a new color (like a beige blond)? What can I do to make it less "warm" (honestly, I think it looks almost tangerine- but the hubby says no way and friends at school didn't say anything bad).
  2. hi, i'd give it a couple of weeks... color tends to fade as u wash your hair, so maybe it will look lighter after a couple of washes.
    if you still want to go lighter, you would have to let your hair rest at least a couple of weeks...
    My hair stylist told me the rule of thumb is that when dying your hair, go one shade lighter than your choice. especially if the hair has been processed
  3. If you have red in your hair don't do beige, or ash blonde. It will turn your hair purple or green. Been there done that.
  4. Go get a "purple" shampoo. There's Shimmering LIghts or Simply Silver by Nexxus. . . every brand has one.
    It'll tone down the brassiness.
    Next time opt for one that says "Natural Blonde" or something like that.
    If your hair isn't naturally reddish or warm then an ash color can make it look greenish.
    Ash has NO red/warmth in it, so if your hair color is naturally warm, ash is fine, if your hair is naturally a cooler shade, it can cast a greenish tint.
    You'll see results pretty much instantly w/ a deep purple shampoo, it's also used for people w/ grey/silver hair as those colors tend to 'yellow'.
  5. Swanky Mama- Thanks for the hint. I'll try the Silver Shampoo. My natural color has no red in it, which is why I went with the natural. Can't figure out why it ended up sort of "golden" rather than what I would consider a true blond (i.e. more of a basic cool shade- no gold and no beige, just sort of in the middle). I certainly don't want to go any lighter- rather, just tone down the "goldenness" of it. I'll try out the "purple" shampoo. Thanks so much for the hints.
  6. If you go even one shade lighter than they recommend, then you can get too warm results as well.
    Hopefully teh purple shampoo helps.
  7. A really good purple shampoo and conditioner I use on my blonde hair is Aveda Blue Malva. Highly recommended!

    Aveda Blue Malva
  8. This happened to me. The best advice I can offer is that you get the Bumble and Bumble "purple" shampoo- I don't know the name- but it is literally purple. It will put cooler ash-like tones in your hair.
    The other option is the put light blonde highlights over it- go to a professional.
    It will fade.
  9. Sounds like you have a bit of some red undertones in your blonde.. next time you go to dye get an Ash blonde and that will counteract the red pigmentation in your natural color.
  10. Hopefully the purple shampoo works if not, Loreal makes a product to help remove the brassiness (sorry can't remember the name)...but it has worked well for me in the past...good luck :smile:
  11. Thanks so much everyone for your advice-you've talked me down from my freak-out! I'm going out this morning to get a purple shampoo. Keep your fingers crossed:smile:
  12. I've noticed that Nutrisse tends to go more golden even if you get one that says natural or ash. I've had better luck with L'Oreal ash tones.

    Hope the purple shampoo works for you. That's a great tip!
  13. So how did it go?
  14. so silver by matrix is wonderful!!
  15. Any luck?