Hair Dye Addicts Come Forward!

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  1. I'm hopelessly addicted to dyeing my hair :shame: I started coloring it my sophomore year of high school, and haven't stopped since. The longest I went without coloring it is 9 months. I just finished dyeing it a bright burgundy/red color from Loreal that I picked up today at Sally Beauty.

    I think my hair has been almost every color, natural or not. Dark brown, dark brown with caramel highlights, with blonde highlights, with blonde chunks just in the front, black, deep red, burgundy, magenta, blue, fire engine red, burgundy/violet with fire engine red chunks, the list goes on. I usually do it at home, although anything involving highlights, I went to a salon.

    Anyone else obsessive compulsive when it comes to hair color? To me, it's a "once you start you can't stop" type of thing :shame: :P
  2. I'm a recovering addict.. mine has been pretty much everything, blue, pink, blonde, brown, red. I've only been highlighting my hair in recent years so I think breast cancer won't catch up to me yet ! :yes:

  3. I tried recovering, but then I got bored :lol: I love the way highlights look, but they require too much upkeep! And they're super expensive.
  4. They are a little pricey, but not if you get your friend to do them for you. :graucho: (not advisable if your friend isn't a pro though !)
  5. im an ddict.. ive BEEN EVERY COLOR YOU CN THNK OF!! i always do it myself mess up then go and get it done at the salon.. get bored and doing it myself again. and the cycle continues.. teehee
  6. I used to love dying my hair too! Now I don't really have a choice as I need to cover my greys. I seem to have a lot of them considering I'm only 25. I still like to try different colors though. Sticking with the same shade for too long is so boring!!
  7. i've been dying my hair since i was in the 7th grade, and i definitely agree that it's high school i changed hair colors about once a month, but i'm slowly recovering from my addiction hair has gotten damaged from all the dying so i've definitely been trying to hold off but it's sooooo hard :hysteric:
  8. My hair was completely fried when I was bleaching it and using Manic Panic in different colors. It was all right for a while after I quit doing that, then when I started putting blonde highlights in it and using a flat iron, it went to hell again :yucky: I'm using a really good shampoo and conditioner system by Aveda, it's called Damage Remedy. I also try to stick to darker colors, and avoid bleach like the plague!
  9. I have dyed my hair every color I can think of. Black, red, every shade of blonde, pink, blue, (Those were when I was in high school). I get tired of a shade and switch it up. I stay blonde more than brunette which is weird because I typically think brunettes are more attractive!?!
  10. *raises hand* My hair right now has bold bright fuschia streaks in the front of it... and it's been like that for like 3 months and I LOVE it, and will probably keep it for awhile longer... but I've been, dark brunette, gold, white blonde, blonde, reddish brown, chestnut brown, bright red, dark red, wine red, brown with highlights, blue streaks, fuschia streaks.... yeah. I have a problem.

    about 2 years ago I hated the condition of my hair so I let it grow out completely natural. that was SO DIFFICULT to do! the restraint... ugh. I kept the au natural hair for about 6 months. then this summer I added the red streaks and I'm really liking them because it's mostly in my bangs and hair framing my face, so I get all the splash of the red, but I get to keep the healthy condition of most my hair in it's natural state! lol! best of both worlds!
  11. :s stands up: Hello everybody, Im steve, 16 and im a hair dye addict. Ive had at least 40 dyes on my hair and I want to stop.
  12. Socilaite, wow, nice intro! LOL! I love dyeing my hair! I am going to dye it tomorrow! I always use the browns or teh reds. Not too much, I am already in my 40's so I don't do crazy things!
  13. What brand fuchsia dye do you use? When I was into the "unnatural" colors, I used Manic Panic. I worked at Sally Beauty, so I got a 30 percent discount :graucho: But it always faded quickly, so I had to reapply the color to the bleached parts of my hair every 2 weeks or so. Now I see more and more salons using bright colors like fuchsia, fire engine red, orange, etc., which is pretty cool :nuts:

    Socialite - Welcome to the club :smile: :P
  14. I'm a hair dye addict also...Its so hard to quit, I mean I want too inorder so my hair won't get fried but just when it has gotten a slighty healthy, I dye it again...I also do it at home unless I get highlights or change my color drastically then I go to the favs are deep colors of red/burgandy with highlights...aww the love of hair dying and purse
  15. I'm an addict--I forget what colour my hair really is! I started playing with colour in high school, and have worn every shade of red, a bit of blonde, and now I have black hair--my favourite! Now that my hair is black, it will be really hard on my hair to lighten it, so I am going to stick with the black for awhile longer. I miss being able to change the colour whenever I want to--it's such fun!!!