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  1. Some months ago, my hairdresser used an iron to dry and straight my hair at the same time. Since then, I've been looking for something similar but I still haven't found one. Have you ever tried this type of iron? On my wavy/curly hair it worked beautifully, what are your experiences? Any suggestions?
  2. Conair makes a straightener called Wet 2 Straight or something like that, but I don't know who makes it. It's supposed to dry and straighten at the same time like the one you mentioned.

    But make sure you use a good heat protectant product, because I don't think it can be very good for your hair!
  3. Can more people chime in? My best friend bought one (she's 1000 miles from me) and said it's great, and not damaging-but it seems like it's got to be. How close can you get to the roots? Hers was $40 or so at Target.
  4. I would advise against using a flat iron that's that cheap. You should really splurge for a good one, since it's your hair and you'll probably use it on a daily basis.

    I suggest the T3 Tourmaline Wet or Dry Flat Iron from Sephora. It's a bit of a splurge $200, but I've only heard great things about the entire Tourmaline line.
  5. i bought that $40 target one on the suggestion of a friend and returned it - it was terrible. i could tell it was damaging my hair after only two uses.
  6. I second the opinion not to get a cheapy one. I haven't personally used one that will dry your hair at the same time, but I've heard great things about Tourmaline and GHD. It's a splurge, but well worth it!
  7. I've got a Remington wet to dry straigtener, has teflon coated ceramic plates & a digital thermostat control.

    TBH I don't use it wet because my hair's too thick and wavy for it to get it dry and straight in one hit. The vents are great for dry hair though, stops the spray from burning your scalp as it evaporates.
  8. I have this it works wonders and they have the best warranty ever!:yes:
  9. I've almost bought the T3 so many times it's ridiculous. My hair's finally back to being long enough that I could use a straightener, so I'll be picking one up for my thick mess of waves ASAP.
  10. This just reminded me that I want the T3 one! I will look for it tomorrow!
  11. ^Ya, I just reminded myself to get a T3 flat iron lol.

    I currently use the Sedu ceramic which is fabulous, but I just keep hearing about this Tourmaline business.. :biggrin:
  12. since were on the subject does anybody know how to get rid of those kinks that you get in the crown area? this always happens to me...nice,straight ends and wavy roots! ahhh!!
  13. I've heard great things about the T3 one.

    I use Chi and GHD's
  14. I have a Chi, and love it. I'd love to try out a GHD, though. I've heard so many rave reviews.
  15. Thanks everybody!!! I don't think GHD makes an iron like the one I'm looking for, so I will try to find the T3 one.
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