Hair Drama- I need some reassurance!!! SOS!

That's great to hear! I hate feeling like a cash-cow to someone... and then get horrible service or whatever... I noticed the same thing with this nail-salon I had been going to. Guess what, I don't go to them anymore.
Yeah- I hate being a cash cow- going to another stylist was very enlightening for me. I have learned my lesson!!! And my hair looks better than ever so I am so thankful I took the chance!
I've noticed once someone goes to the same salon for awhile they sometimes tend to become a "cashcow". I used to go to one salon for nails, but a year was not getting good service. So, I switched to a new one. I've switched hair salons too many times to count. lol It seems they have no loyality to their steady customers. colorist is in Birmingham, Michigan and she's fabulous. Last time I was there I spent $110 for highlights, wash, and cut. And I got exactly the effect I was going for. Anyway, the stylist's name is Diane and she's at the Cole Street Salon in B'ham.
OMG! Coco-nut! What a small world! I am from Birmingham!!! Anyway, I ended up at Todd's Room in B'ham with Jan!!! Will keep Diane's name too for the future just in case- thanks so much though!