Hair Drama- I need some reassurance!!! SOS!

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  1. My friend and I have been going to the same hairdresser for a while. She does excellent color and pretty good cuts- but costs a fortune (as prices go in Michigan). My friend has not been happy at all latey and asked me to get a referral from the salon where we all go for make-up and eyebrows (etc- they are amazing there and I trust them!!!) Well, long story short, I went to get my eyebrows arched this morning and asked for the referral, and they finally hired someone to do hair on staff there who they absolutely LOVE! The owner has been searching for years for someone he would trust with his clientele and has talent up to his calibur- and he finally found someone "worthy"! My stylist asked me why I asked- and when I explained to her all that I get done to my hair- she basically told me I am a cash cow to my current hairdresser and to try someone else, even if it's not at their salon.

    Bottom line: I am a brunette - and my current hairdresser does a tint, highlights, shades and a conditioning treatment every time I go in about every 6-8 weeks- and at the end of the day, I am still a brunette! Am I being taken advantage of? Should I switch hairstylists? WHy is this so STRESSFUL!!! :cry::cry::cry: Please help, I need some advice/reassurance!!!
  2. Hi Jag! I know, haircuts and hairstyles are super stressful! I bug my friends for days and weeks AFTER and BEFORE the haircut and they need to reassure me too.

    I think you should try someone new. Don't go for drastic, but just go for highlights and maybe a subtle new layering or something. Something which you can easily grow out off, just in case. But I think that a really good hairstylist can make you look v different with a subtle cut and colour. Go for it!
  3. If your before and after is just about the same, go somewhere else. Subtle and just about the same is different.
  4. I'm with minicoop!Just give it a try and if you are not satisfied you go back to your old hairdresser! You've nothing to loose just a bit of hair.
  5. Thanks minicoop! I don't know why I am totally freaking out over this- I feel so stupid! But this is a really hard decision for some reason, especially since my last color was great. But I just hate feeling like I am being taken advantage of... UGH!!!!!!
  6. Thanks ladies!! I really appreciate all of the advice and support!

    My current stylist does do a great job with color- but after hearing that all of the different processes are unnecessary to get the same results, it just makes me mad! Any hairdressers out there that can tell us if it is really necessary to do all three steps: tint to lighten base shade, highlights, and then shades on top of that???
  7. Just curious - how much to you pay for all that? I get highlights (well it's pretty much bleached out) then color on top of that to make it a darker shade than my dark hair. Then a cut. It costs me $90. Supposedly there's conditioner already in the color she puts at the end so it's all combined. I'm in CA, and I think the price is not bad.
  8. That price is great! I have never left the salon without paying at least $200-$250. It includes a haircut too.
  9. I think you are paying too much. I pay 180 for a full head of highlights and toner and blow out -- at a very good salon in NYC.
  10. Well, if you like the way she cuts your hair, but don't want the other services, just tell him/her. Sometimes it's harder to find someone who cuts your hair the way you like it.
  11. Actually, I like the color more than the haircut usually. And I have had my fair share of not-so-great haircuts from her too.
  12. Why not use her for color, and get someone else to do your cut? A lot of hairstylists have specialties in different areas, and maybe yours has a knack for color, but not so much for cuts!

    :smile: and, who cares if she notices someone else has cut your hair, you are not obligated to be 100% loyal to a hairdresser!
  13. Thank you for all the advice! I went ahead and booked an appointment with a new hairdresser (and cancelled my appt with my old one) for this Friday. We'll see how it goes - wish me luck!
  14. Good luck! I'm sure you'll turn out ravishing!
  15. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to update and let you all know that everything turned out great. And it only cost me $150 compared to $200-250!!!! So, needless to say, i won't be going back to my old hair stylist- the new one is for keeps! Thanks again for all the support!