Hair Do How To's

  1. I think there should be a thread on Hair Do How To's. I find myself wanting to do different styles but when I try, it never turns out right. What do you think? If you have any do's you'd like to share, post pics with the "how to" part.
  2. For example, how would I do this?
  3. I think it involves "back brushing" -- taking a brush through your hair backwards a few times to add body, sort of like teasing. That makes it fuller on top, and makes a fuller ponytail. I'd probably add some mouse or laminant or some kind of product too (both before and after brushing). Then just stick it back in a thin band and pull down some strands in the front. I'd also blow-dry before beginning the whole thing.

    Anyway, I've never been great at new styles either, so maybe others have more advice?
  4. m&m's got it! sometimes a fine tooth rattail comb works better for backcombing than a standard brush. (rattail comb = those ones with the pointy ends). if you want subtle lift, use the brush. if you want quite a bit, use the comb. part your hair to the side, then at the crown gather about 2-4 inches of hair and tease (aka back brush) the heck out of it. to get the top part unfrizzy, gently comb it back.

    if you have curly hair, flat iron the bits you pull forward. :smile:

  5. I do this all the time. All you have to do is put your hair in a low pony tail (really close to your back). Then when you pull your pony tail pull it upward. It's so easy. I also do this style with my hair half up.
  6. Is there any way you could post pics of yourself doing this step by step? I would really appreciate it. Thx!:flowers:
  7. I would make a deep side part and do what was said about backcombing, and spritz the crown with hairspray to make sure it stays put.

    You can probably find step by step photos if you look on Google or in a hairstyle book/magazine. I'd think it would be difficult to take photos of oneself doing hair because both hands would be needed, unless you have a tripod or a helper who's willing to take photos.
  8. Speaking of pics (and speaking off topic): YOUR DOG IS BEAUTIFUL!! Love those blue eyes!! :love:
  9. Oh thank you. She really is beautiful. When we first got her we immediately fell in :heart: .

  10. Yea i can do that. I have to charge my cam. Then i'll take pic for you.
  11. i'm way bored...lucky you. :flowers:

    i'm going to preface this post with i forgot how hard it is to take pictures of yourself. :yes:

    here's a how to article on backcombing/teasing. How To Tease Hair!

    start with hair down and dry....if you're doing this to actually leave the house, you'll probably want to straighten it first and add some product (texturizer or shine serum so it doesn't look as dry. i like biosilk and joico bouncy curls) [​IMG]

    gather a section and tease the heck out of it (this was where i was having issues taking pictures of myself, hence the face.)

    it will end up looking something like this

    pull it back into a ponytail...high or low depends on the look you want and how long your hair is.

    adjust the level of teasing, smoothness and placement until you're happy with the results.

    good luck! hopefully gianna will come up with some better photos!

  12. Ok so i tried my best to take some picture's to show you. And i'll try my best to explain it. First put your hair in a low pony tail (so your hair is touching your back). Then pull both sides of the pony tail (like it would with a regular pony tail) but pull upward. Until you get the puff on the top of your head. When you get the puff you want then just take the couple of piece's from the top of the pony tail and pull tight. Then run you finger's through the puff (very lighly) to fix any bumps. Then just spray some hair spray. I hope i explained that good. Goodluck

    Ok we have a problem i was uploading the picture's and it's saying the picture's are to large.
  13. Thx!
  14. This approach sounds like it's better for my hair. There doesn't seem to be any teasing involved. I can't wait for pics!
  15. Love the tutorial!! I'm so trying it tomorrow!! lol Thanks Ilzabet!