Hair Disaster---I should SUE for damages!

  1. I am on the edge of a breakdown here.
    Okay, not reallly....I guess it's just hair. But I am freaking pissed off.:hysteric:
    I don't even know what to think. My hair has just been BUTCHERED. I went to a new salon, since we just moved into a new condo in a new city. My old salon would have been a one hour drive to and another hour from. So I went to this new place.
    I walked in and was immediately impressed---it looked fabulous, very chic, very cosmopolitan.
    But I should not have judged the book by the cover.
    This stylist named Deb who has been doing hair for almost 17 years cut my hair and it's a mess. I have very fine light brown/dark blonde hair, but TONS of it. It needs to be well texturized to get any kind of volume, otherwise it's too heavy.
    Let's just say I look like a baby duckling.
    Not only did she nearly bald me with little whispy short pieces sticking out EVERYWHERE (texturized too much and too close to the root), but the left side and right side of my head are UNEVEN. I'm serious. I'm FURIOUS. :cursing:
    I am tempted to try to fix it myself but worry I might make it worse.
    Luckily my husband is a total gem and a great guy....he told me it looks "hip" LOL and "cool." Yeah, I know. ha ha ha. I just kissed him and said thanks, but I know what a fool I look like.
    I'm dreading walking into the office tomorrow. UGH.
    Just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for reading!
  2. Ill move this to the proper forum.
  3. can u take pics and show us...Maybe it isnt as bad as it seems?Maybe someone here can help?
  4. You know what? A bad hair day, cut, whatever can destroy any woman's confidence! I wish you the absolute best of luck and hope that you can get what you want in the end!

  5. It might be worth going back to your old salon to make it right. Im so sorry, I have not had that happen in years but I remember it like it was yesterday when it did. Just work your magic on it in the morning, style it up and hold yourself with confidence. You can do it. I bet its not as bad as you think. (even if it does, just work it until you can get it fixed!) big hugs...I get it!!!!
  6. ohh... i feel so bad for you. a couple of years ago i went to get my hair cut, and walked out looking like dorothy hamill. it was a total nightmare. like you, i have lots of fine hair and have always wanted to get a pixy cut, but i know that i'll look like i stuck my finger in the electrical socket. (((hugs)))
  7. I too, suggest taking the trip to your old salon to try and fix it...
  8. From my experience, try using a pomade one that will help you mold your hair.Apply in your hands,a small amount like you would body lotion. Work it in from the roots out.It should help make areas that are shorter fill in and look more even.Good luck.Sorry for your experience at the new hair salon:love:
  9. I had a similar experience years back. My stylist left the salon so I was assigned another stylist. She added too much wispy strands & cut it too short for my liking & one side was definitely thicker than the other. I send in an unhappy note to the Hair Director of the salon. He made an appointment for me to come back to see him, he re-did my hair & he managed to salvaged it at no charge. But between the time I got the bad do & the re-do I was soooo annoyed & jumpy with everyone.

    I think you should get a stylist to re-do your hair. Maybe make that hour trip to your previous stylist like Kare suggested?
  10. you should write to the place that butchered your hair, and see if they can offer you a refund at all... if they only offer to "fix" your hair, I might go back to your old place...
  11. I know what you mean! My hair is awfull since a couple of days and all my confidence is gone. Everytime i see a mirror i'm mad and sad! I had my hair done with the same girl as always and asked for the same colour as always. It is NOT as always! My blonde hair is a cheap yellow colour and at some places you can see 2cm dark roots!

    I'm so sorry for you and understand it, i hopes it works out fine anytime soon!:flowers:
  12. Yikes. Sorry to hear about your bad hair experience. Perhaps you can try going back to your old salon to get it fixed?

    Hope you'll manage to get your hair fixed soon!
  13. i would call the salon and tell them what happened...

    then i would drive to your old salon and have it fixed if you dont really love it...i know what its like to hate your hair after someone messes it up....

    can you show us picutres???
  14. I'm so sorry! This has happened to me too...when I first moved to Atlanta and got my hair cut from someone who's had 15 years of experience..she butchered my hair as well...cut it way way way too short and made me look so old!
    Maybe you can go to another salon and have them try to fix it? Even if it costs a lot, at least you will feel better about yourself?
  15. I think you should definitely go back to the salon and make a formal complaint. Most good salons worth their salt should apologise profusely and at the very least, offer to rectify the situation, be that re-styling if you want, and/or a complete refund. They shouldn't want to risk their reputation with an unhappy client.

    I had a complete colour disaster once where the colourist said I should 'warm up my blonde colour a bit with some copper tones'. I walked away with orange hair with her suggesting I should 'take a couple of days to see if I got used to it'!!! Needless to say I didn't particularly after someone asked me did I really have natural hair that colour (in a like 'why would anyone want their hair orange if it wasn't natural?')..Anyway, I went back to say I didn't like it and it wasn't what I had asked for. They did a full re-colour, which actually took longer as they had to neutralise out the orange and a blowdry free of charge. I felt this was reasonable enough although I ended up spending 6 hours in the hair salon in total over 3 days!

    I really hope you sort this out. Let us know here on the forum.

    Lady Penelope xx

    PS wanted to add that of course, if orange hair is your thing then great! everyone has their own personal style....just wasn't mine.