hair dillema

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  1. Im going to say some of my hair history cause i think it could help in order to help me.

    Last yr (may 09) I dyed my medium brown hair a dark brown color but it came out BLACK. Then a few months later I went to the salon cause I wanted to get it lighter, the hair stylist dyed my hair a chocolate brown color to help get the black out, but the roots came out lighter than the rest of the hair. Then 2months later I dyed it again a chocolate brown. Last November I got my hair highlighted, not blonde, more like a caramel color. But again, the highlights came out lighter at the roots. Now, last saturday I got my hair highlighted once again (im trying to get my hair blonde). The highlights came out blonde at the first 3inches of my hair and darker thoughout the rest. IDK wat to do now, I want to have blonde hair but it seems like my hair just wont get blonde, except for the roots.

    How can I even out my hair ?
  2. was your hair bleached first and then the color added or was it just a dye? im no expert but i think that when you are trying to go lighter and you have dark hair you have to bleach all the color out and then apply the color.
  3. i'm not an expert either but it seems as though it's working on your roots because the rest has layers of other color on it.
    do you get it done at a salon every time? can you see the color difference before you walk out of the salon?

    i only ask that because a stylist shouldn't let you leave if what they are trying to do didn't work. but perhaps it's just fading in some areas over time?
  4. Idk, I got it done at the salon. I think she just bleached it.

    Yes, I got it done at a salon every time. Im too scared to dye my hair myself.
    I could see the difference before I walked out but she told me it would be lighter at the roots since its virgin hair and the rest of my hair has been dyed several times. The hair stylist also told me to go back in a month and tht she would do the length of my hair again to even out wit the roots, but Im not sure i want to wait that long.

    Also, can i use a toner shampoo to take out of the orangeness ? It's not a lot but i can see some of it. Will it affect the rest of the hair thats still brown ?
  5. i've always been curious as to how toner works. i know almost every time i get my hair done my stylist will use it after shampooing the color out of my hair... and usually it's only for a certain color but she uses it on my whole head.
  6. Pfff, find a new stylist if the roots are a lot lighter.

  7. Your roots will def. process faster and be lighter because its virgin hair, the bleach doesnt need to break through any color, where as the shaft of your hair has been "over processed" and the bleach is trying to break through all of that color, and it will take a while to do it the correct way without damaging your hair to much... your stylist is correct is saying that the roots will be lighter until she can go back and work on the length of your hair....

    as far as a toner, your stylist can put one on to get rid of the brassiness, i would wait to do that if you can until you go back again when she does the length, that way she can tone your whole head if need be.... and a toner on your roots wont effect the rest of your hair...
  8. Honestly, the hairstylist didn't do a great job on your hair. She knew that the roots are virgin hair so she shouldn't put the dye longer on that area. I remember when my stylist first dyed my hair, she started coloring about 1-1.5 inches of the roots and leave for 30 minutes then she started coloring my roots for 15 minutes, I think. Then rinse off. It was a great job and didn't see lighter roots on my hair. Now for re-growth, she just focus on the roots first then brush it down to revive the color of my entire hair.
  9. This seems odd that the stylist would do this. Color cannot lift color...the only way to lighten dark hair is with bleach.