hair dilemma

  1. okay, i have a problem.

    my hair is super straight, it only puffs up after shower but then it's boring again, reaches the end of my back. . whenever i go out, it's always pulled up. ponytail isn't in question nemore because it's just too long. i finally decided to add some layer to it, but it's still just as boring. i need a new haircut.

    i've always wanted curls, they look really good on me but they just don't last.

    i don't want to cut it very short, just a little, but i want it to look different. can anyone help me find a good haircut? please post pictures if possible so i can show my hairdresser..

    i was thinking of nicole richie's haircut in this pic cuz it looks really nice (a little longer though cuz i don't want to cut it a lot). but again i gotta use mousse to add the twirls..


    or maybe something like mandy moore's hair in because i said so? i really like her layers in here, but her fringe i don't like.

  2. First of all, you're a stylist's worst nightmare. Look at what you just said, "I want it different but I don't want to cut it." Bottom line is if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!"
    Your hair is fine (I'm assuming by your description that it's finer textured), straight, limp and long. And you want lift and body and movement. Well, you need to cut it! You also need to use the proper products and you need to understand that it will get limp after a while. Our society is SO celebrity driven but what people don't understand is that celbrities have SYTLISTS, they use a TON of extensions and integration systems and they have someone "fluffing" them in between takes!! We normal people don't have that!

    Cut some length, use good bodifying products (Sexy Hair Concepts "What a Body" blow drying foam for example), understand what you can realistically expect from your hair and learn to flip your head over throughout the day and fluff yourself up!!!!
  3. Or maybe trying ...

    1) Bumble and bumble - "thickening" shampoo

    followed by

    2) Phytovolume - volumizer spray - (sold at sephora) - then blowdry
  4. What you might try, instead of showing pics to your stylist, ask her to show some to you!

    Part of what you pay a professional for is their expertise, knowing things like what styles will look good on you and work with your hair!
  5. Yuppers! I love it when people bring in pictures because quite often they don't know how to adequately describe what they want. When I consult with a new client or even an exsisting one I always find pictures to show them because I want them "to see what I hear them saying"! It sure cuts down on unhappy clients because many times what they're saying is NOT what they're meaning!!!!! and having a visual will assure that the client and the stylist are on the same page.

    Not only do I show pictures to my clients of what I think they want, I show them pictures of what I think they DON'T want! Many times people can't tell you what they like but they sure can tell you what they don't like! Think about it....many times I ask clients what they want and they get wishy washy. When I ask them to tell me what they don't want....boy they can pipe right up and that makes my job easly! So, when it comes to the dimension of their color, I show pictures of what is too much and what not enough. When it comes to tonal values I find pictures of what is, for instance, too warm and too drab. Sort of like "Goldilocks"....too hard, too soft and JUST RIGHT!
    It makes for happy clients!
  6. Oh, I agree, that people should take pictures, but take them and ask "would this work for me?"** and if frankly, no, it would not, ask the stylist to show them pictures that have maybe have some elements of the one they want, modified into something that will work for them.

    Confession: this gets into one of my pet peeves, when people come to a stylist, a web designer, etc, and simply want the person to click, or cut. They are not getting their money's worth! Maybe the little sketch they made in MS Word will look just great and work perfectly for their content. Maybe it won't, and if it won't, part of my job is knowing what will!

    And it makes me think of the "talking to your stylist" thread. There we have a hair owner, sitting there for a while with a hair artist as a captive audience. :idea: Hello! I never leave the salon without having learned something!

    **Disclaim that I do not mean to imply that the original poster intends to do the thing that is my pet peeve.

    She is asking us, so I'm sure she'll ask her stylist, too. I just felt the need to hold forth on the subject! :p
  7. i sooooo regret posting this thread.... :s
  8. And it makes me think of the "talking to your stylist" thread. There we have a hair owner, sitting there for a while with a hair artist as a captive audience. :idea: Hello!

    A "hair owner"! I LOVE THAT!!!! I'm going to use it in the salon!
  9. Why? Because you're not hearing what you want to hear? I gave you the answer in my first post.

    Let's review,
    a) you have hair that "reaches the end of your back". In other words you have hair down to your ass!
    b) it's very straight
    c) you want it to ...ummm...let me go back and read this...oh here it is, you want it to "puff up". Ok, I guess you want body and lift and volume..ok review a and b.
    d) you've posted two pictures of actresses who are both wearing extensions and who are both sporting hair that is a good foot and a half shorter than yours!
    and the piece de resistance: you refuse to cut it.

    OK,.....I"ll say it can't have that! Long, straight hair is boring hair!
    I'm going to guess that you ask your boyfriend a question and even though he's answered it you continue to ask it hoping your going to get a different answer!

    Also Ru Paul wore a wig! Sorry it's not what you want to hear but fact of happens to be the truth!
  10. I'm going to have to completely agree with Ilikemike...If you don't want boring hair, then cut it
  11. thank you everyone for trying to help :smile:
  12. beaute, I really do think I understand. I had long hair to my waist for almost half a century.

    And it's not even fine. It is frankly, coarse, with the texture of a horse's mane, black as ink, straight as a stick.

    But there came the day when I too had to understand that not only was I not going to have the volume, but that it just did not make me look good any more.

    I think that you are probably not quite to that point age-wise, but it is a sad fact that, as ilikemike points out, unless it is extremely abundant, and has just been either fluffed, combed, or otherwise attended to, that hairstyle, romantic and ancient and classic and traditional and all that though it is, is just not a practical choice for modern, real life.

    You will find yourself, as you say, putting it into a ponytail, putting it up, or trying to, much more than you find yourself truly enjoying its beauty.

    Mine was cut only a couple of years ago, and although I was 52 years old, I trembled. And I cried. I cried the night before, and on the way to the salon, and in the chair, I fought back tears.

    But in that salon, I left a LOT of years, several pounds, and even some shortness, or at least the appearance of all that.

    And if all that is not cliche enough, I really do wish I had done it sooner!

    It is the best single improvement I have ever made to my appearance, and I will even put it above The Great Weight Loss!

    Talk it over with your stylist. Show each other pics, let her know how you feel, and what you want. She has your back, and you have hugs from here! :smile:
  13. mm..i like both!
  14. Thanks everyone.

    ShimmaPuff you are so sweet, thanks a lot for your great, helpful reply. My stylist doesn't want me to cut it. she says that its length is okay. but i'm just bored. i just wanted to add some layer to it, and a couple of waves. i reached a point where i almost got permanent curls, then i backed out. i know that was stupid.

    again, thanks for being so understanding. it's not just what you said, it's the way you said it.
  15. LOL I can relate to the bored, too. I was really going for the Mamie Eisenhower Award, Same Hairstyle for Over 50 Years.

    Good luck on the waves part, but the layers should not be a problem, my stylist knew I wanted to 'keep some length," so she left most of it just below my shoulders(it's since crept up to a bit above ;) ), with some shorter layers around my face. You might want to keep more length than that, but layers around your face will do just like they say on TV, and in fact, you can see on TV, just about every long-haired celebrity has those short layers that swing pertly about the chin. And of course the famous Supermodel Bangs, sloping, smoothly or jaggedly, down into those chin layers.

    As for the waves, your best bet, and mine, and everybody else's who has Xtreme Straight hair, and doesn't want to do the chemical thing, is sadly, or delightedly, depending on your point of view, to be found in the Faux Hair Department!

    I have a feeling you are going to come of that salon looking fabulous, and totally de-bored! :smile: