Hair cut Help....NOW!!!

  1. I'm getting my hair cut at 10 in the morning tomorrow. I have really long, middle of my back hair, and I'm starting college in September and Im graduating HS next month and I'm ready for a complete overhaul. So I want something entirely different from what I've got now. But still with a little length. I love long hair. So PLEASE post your favorite pics of Celeb Hair cuts and help me find something I like. PLEASE!!!

    This is what my hair looks like now. Never mind the chaos around me. I was in rehearsals for a play. Keep in mind my hair is in a pony tail, so deduct an inch. That's it's natural curl too.
  2. Have you been to It has updated pictures of celebrities hairstyles. I browse it quite often! :smile:

    Good luck!
  3. X2!

    This site is great because it dosnt have all the same photos every other hair style site has. Theres TONS of photos in each section, but you just have to look for the MORE STYLES link at the bottom which is reallllly easy to miss!