Hair cut and Eyebrow Waxes in Chicago

  1. I am moving to Chicago in a week and a half!! Can anyone give me advice on where to go to get my hair cut and eye brows waxed? They don't have to be the same place. I will be living downtown.
  2. i live in the chicago suburbs...i know that mario tricoci in the suburbs is amazing, so the one downtown should be good. as for eyebrows..they do them there i know, but i usually go to california and devon to get mine threaded. its only $6 and lasts forever! you can take the el there, but then a bus...
  3. PM IntlSet, she's awesome and moved to Chicago last year. i'm sure she can give you all kinds of advice!
  4. I go to Michael Anthony to get my hair cut, friends LOVE Ifergan for hair cuts. I also get my eyebrows threaded, it's easier on my skin, and that I do in India town.
  5. Eyebrow threading?? That sounds really painful...
  6. It's not bad. It kind of feels like someone is plucking your eyebrows, just faster and more hairs at once. It definitely is something to get used to, but it is easier on my skin than waxing, and so much cheaper!

    I can go to India town and get my eyebrows threaded for 8 dollars or less! It's amazing, and it lasts forever!
  7. Yikes! Unfortunately I'm stingy when it comes to hair cuts so I never really know the good places... check out and you will be able to find a good salon (and a deal!) there... sorry I'm not more help! :heart:
  8. i also hear milios is good, its in boys town on belmont and clark...almost directly under the el (belmont stop on the brown or red line)
  9. I go to Art & Science in Wicker Park for my haircut. They also have locations in Lincoln Park and Evanston. They are all very accessible via public transportation.

    For eyebrow threading I go to Rupa Salon near Devon or eyebrow waxes at Claude Thomas in the NW 'burbs. Yes those are very far apart, but it depends on where I'm going to be. There is a very high end eyebrow shop in Bucktown, but I forgot what it's called. Avoid Tricoci for eyebrow waxes - they totally overpluck.
  10. Mario Tricoci at Old Orchard is a good place for hair cut.
    My hair stylist is Demitrio. He did a good job on my hair.
    I don't like waxing because it pull my skin and I saw ppl with loose skin due to too many waxing. I just do it myself or go to Devon or Northbrook for threading.

    Good luck
  11. I will definitely have to try threading! Thank you so much for everyone's information. It is difficult moving to a new place and having to find someone you trust with your hair and eyebrows, things everyone sees on a daily basis.
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    Any other waxing recommendations?
  13. I ditto Mario Tricoci, it's the only place I go for everything! Love it!
  14. I just went to the Charles Ifergan salon and it was great. I love that they are FAST. Don't expect a pampering spa experience -- they get you in and out, but also manage to do a great job. Nico is FABULOUS, go to him!