Hair Cubes

  1. I walked into a Used Vuitton/Hermes store in Japan today that only sells real items. (Some of the prices are a lot higher than they should be and some prices are lower than they should be)

    I had never seen the hair cubes before ...and they are HUGE. They are not little at all.

    My question is...I'm suffering from "not buying" remorse. I searched on the internet and realized the cheapest cubes they have at 7980 Y (about 65 dollars) are worth somewhat.

    My question is are they the special VIP ones, because I think they are.

    They were clear and they said "LOUIS VUITTON Paris", not the rhinestone LV.
  2. I have those as well. I have 2 pairs, one in chocolate and one in amber. Those were the older version of LV hair cubes. I think they're nice and subtle. Good luck finding one!
  3. I refuse to pull my hair back until I get some of those.
  4. I love the haircubes. I always wear my hair back and so I can get a lot of use out of mine. I especially loved the strass crystal hair cubes. I have them in brown, amber and blue. I sold the red pair that came with the blue pair.
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