Hair/ Cosmetology school...How do i get through it??

  1. I currently go to the Hair Design School! Iv always loved doing hair, i just had a passion for it and im pretty D**n good at it! Now that im actually in school for it I hate it something awful!! Roller sets, perms,thats all i do! I no when i get in a good salon it wont be like that but i have to make it through this Hair H*ll first! Im so behind because i miss so much! People come to the school because its sooo much cheaper than a salon but most of them (not all) are so0o0o mean and rude i dread every morning having to get up and putting my self threw it another day! I still have 1200 hours left to complete!!! Help!
    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I was in your same position in 2004 when i went to beauty school and i know completely how you feel! I know it's tough now having to deal with the elderly ladies that tip you .25 cents but it will pay off in the end! Just stick to it and learn as much of the state board crap that you need to learn. That's all beauty school is. The teachers and what not are not there to show you the extra skills you'll develop later in a real salon...they are only there to show you what you need to know to get your license! I have been out of school for 3 years now and trust me it has paid off! You will get to do all the fun stuff once your in a salon... You can do it! PM me if you ever need advice or help with anything. :heart:
  3. Well, I haven't been to beauty school but I guess it should be like any other. Just deal with it til you're done. It'll all get much better after that! Keep your goal of working in a salon in mind and remember, this is the way to reach it!
  4. totally agree with jenarae! .. i've been out of beauty school for a little over 4 years .. and i'm still haunted by it sometimes - lol! u just gotta do what ya gotta do right now to pass state board! .. everything is so much different when you're out in the "real world" and working at a salon .. u really begin to learn techniques that aren't associated with passing state board! and it becomes much for fun & you're able to be creative! any questions or need encouragement.. (like jenarae said) u can always pm me, as well! =]

  5. Yay! A fellow hairstylist we should start a thread just for us hairstylist's haha tips and tricks to share with each other as well as like horror stories! It would be so nice to vent about some of the crazy ladies i deal with some days!
  6. LOL! .. seriously! as much as i love my job -- there's always those crazy clients that drive u insane! so .. i totally know what ya mean, girlie!
  7. I never even got the 25 cent tip! :roflmfao: And this was back in the day when we still had some older ladies who got electric perms. What a mess! It gets a lot better though. Can't think of any other career I want.:tup:
  8. Well Thanks Everybody! Im Defintly Gonna Stick It Out And Get My License...wish Me Luck! Lol