Hair constantly knotted while wearing scarves

  1. My hair gets knotted up every time I wear it down with my coat and/or scarf. I guess every time I turn my head it roughs it up some. Is there anyway to prevent this? Ive noticed I have actually pulled some of these knots out and ended up with hair in my hands and when I put my hair in a pony tail there are lots of little short hairs now.

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice on how to prevent this or keep it from not getting so bad, it would be great.
  2. what type of hair do you have?

    i have fine normal hair (I'm Asian) and I always put hair serum on the tips to keep it smooth. it's those clear greasy stuff...i just rub it into my palms and smooth it on to my hair. It helps me out a lot!
  3. I have very thick long hair.
  4. I have the same problem with my scarf. My hair if quite fine and long.
  5. you should try those leave in conditioners, or the spray bottle ones. i think if you keep the hair moisturized it will be less likely to get tangled.
  6. Hopefully that will help. I work so hard to take care of my hair and now I have these ugly short hairs you can see when I pull my hair up. Its terrible.
  7. hm. this is actually a really really huge problem of mine. :crybaby:

    I have long straight waist length asian hair that is partially dyed, and by the end every 2 days - no matter what I do - scarf or no scarf, the hair at the bottom/back of my head gets EXTREMELY tangled .. half my hair gets knotted into a single huge dreadlock which takes about 15 minutes and lots of leave in conditioner to get out.

    My hair is pretty shiny, straight and healthy with some split ends at the bottom - but it is the hair near the roots where it starts getting knotted... what to do??