Hair colour

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  1. Colour of your hairs??
    There are cool shades and colours available in the market for hairs..Which one is yours favorite? or hair colour any actress you like??
  2. My favorite all shades of blonde I have naturally very light brown hair that would go to blonde so easily , but I have dyed it red so many times that it would bleach only with conditioning cream .I use Cholestoral conditioning cream once a week
    I always get bleach highlights and in the fall I will add brown highlights.
  3. Appearance is very important for me. Esp my hair. I always envy girls with long blonde hair. My hair is naturally dark and short. I decided to change the colour into blonde and clip in hair extensions. Now I look completely different. And it's nice to see how men look at me. :amuse:
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  4. My natural color is dirty ash blonde.
    But my favorite hair color is a dark silver color.
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  5. I dye my hair black. I have fair skin (with cool undertones), and blue/green/grey eyes. It works. It was a mistake 9 years ago and except for my balayage phase earlier this year, it's been this color since. I used to hate it and now I've grown to like it. I've had random people comment on my hair how shiny and healthy it is, and a lot of people thought it was my natural color. I'm 32, and I have a lot of greys. I definitely have to keep it up, haha.
  6. My hair is naturally light red brown - auburn, I guess. My favorite hair color is probably a bright, true red - think Maureen O'Hara technicolor red. I dyed it to be more red when I was younger. At this point I do color my hair, but now it's primarily to cover grey. It's also gotten darker as I've gotten older, so now I color with a medium reddish brown or a medium chestnut brown.

    Julianne Moore's color would probably be my celebrity favorite.
  7. my hair used to be dark brown. Now it's auburn. People say they think it's my natural color. I guess because I have the pale Irish skin to go with it.
    I agree Julianne Moore has beautiful hair and great style. Also like Connie Britton's hair. And Debra Messing back in the day when she wore it curly on Will & Grace.