hair colors

  1. So I desperatly want to change my hair color,but am unsure of what would go good...My natural hair color is a light brown,and right now it is dyed black...Honestly I really wanted to try and go blonde,and then hopefully later go to some shade of burgandy or red, but I dont know if it would work well with my skin tone.Here are some pics of myself,so you can see my skintone.Please tell me what you think would look good!
    oh and by the way I know my brows are dark but If need be I would change them!

    I tried to get the ones where I had the most natural lighting so you could see my true color.

  2. even before i read that you were considering going red, that's what i was going to suggest :yes:

    from what i can tell in the photo, it looks like you have very fair skin, and imo red paired with a porcelein complexion is hot :yes: i think it would really brighten up your face
  3. sorry!forgot to add more pics!my face has kinda a lot of makeup on in the pic above...its more like the color of my chest.lolI am going to go to a wig store and try on some diff colors but I still wanted advice!
    Thank you!
    sorry for all the pics!I just really want to get this right!

    here are more.
    im on the left


  4. yah!!:yahoo:

    Im so happy you said
  5. [​IMG]

    i want this hair color, i have faded out brown hair with red tones, i am also growing out my hair, and in about two months I would like to go get it colored... I'm looking for the shade of this color, or technique that was used?...the salon I'm going to uses Redken products...
  7. I think blond might wash out your fair skin and make you look too pale. But I think red would look great on you.
  8. i do too, it's like brown...but sandy blonde...very flattering :smile:
  9. On going from black to blonde.............Please help your stylist out by understanding the concept that haircolor is not like nail polish that you put on and take off.
  10. I think red would be great on ur skin tone :nuts:
  11. My natural hair is like your color but I damaged it by doing full foils to turn it golden now i did an all over color of auburn red brown and I'm much happier. I have pale skin and blue eyes.
  12. If you colored your hair black with a "permanent" product, be prepared that your stylist may tell you that removing it could damage your hair.

    This is what happened to me. When my naturally black hair made the decision to become naturally white, like so many people in similar circumstances, I just went to the drugstore and used permanent hair color to keep the situation private.

    Years passed, and I decided that the time had come to shorten my hair, and I also wanted to lighten it. So after all those years of do it yourself, I went to the stylist, who examined my hair and explained that lightening naturally black hair is a big deal unto itself, removing permanent black haircolor is a VERY big deal, and not all hair will be up to the strain, and mine would not.

    So now I must wait. The very bottom of my hair, even at its new shorter length (from near waist to just above shoulder) remains naturally black. The middle is colored black. And the top, a very slow-growing top, is now colored brown-black with DEMI-permanent color.

    And if you were smart enough to color your hair black with that, all will be well, congratulations, and ignore the preceding rant.

    Anyone else, if you are thinking of putting black color on your hair for any reason - use demi-permanent. It can literally save you years of waiting when you are ready to lighten it. Even just a little bit. All I wanted was to have mine like Selena's was, the color of black coffee with very subtle highlights of auburn and aubergine...
  13. Demi-permanent color is no easier to remove from the cortex of the hair than permanent color. The only difference between the two is that permanent color has the capacity to remove natural melanin and make the hair lighter while demi permanent can only darken or change the tone of the color. Both contain the same dye loads and neither one, demi or permanent color, in more readily removed. Especially in the lower levels. When ever you color your hair with "Black" hair color there is a strong chance that it will not be removed with de-colorizer, color remover or gradual fading over time. This is why I am VERY selective about who I use true blue-black or level 1 color on and ALWAYS, ALWAYS discuss the prospects of going lighter before ever applying color.

    If you're lucky it will come out with a decolorizer or a soap cap. But if you've been coloring it yourself and doing color over might have problems.
  14. You could put some red or burgundy streaks in it. That would be much easier to get to than blond and I think would look great.

    Like others have warned, going from black to blond can be rough on your hair. I should know. I did it myself when I was in high school. I ended up with bright orange and yellow hair after the first round of bleaching and had to bleach it again the next day to get it blond. then it was pretty well fried. Of course if you go to a pro the result will be better but make sure you go to someone who really knows how to work with color.