Hair Color Question: stay dark or go back light?? (pics)

  1. i know there are like 20 other threads out there asking for hair color opinions, so sorry to jump on the bandwagon, but opinions would be appreciated :smile:

    the first picture is of me 2 years ago (prom..) and thats my natural hair color. its light brown, but its a mousey brown that i was never a fan of.

    the other two pictures are what i look like now. i've been dying my hair a darker brown since right after prom. im thinking of either going back my natural color, or a shade or two lighter (think mischa barton in the OC)

    so what are your opinions? TIA!!



  2. p.s. WHOA, sorry that first picture is SO big, i thought i resized it...

    p.p.s. might as well ask opinions about the bangs too. in the prom picture, i had side bangs that were just pulled back. i dont have any pictures on my computer of me with no bangs (im at school and the pictures are at home) but hopefully you can imagine what i would look like without them...i've had straight across bangs for over a year now, and i cant decide if i want to keep them or not (sorry the pictures dont have the best view of them, i originally was just posting about the color, but i can upload another one if i need to)

    thank you!!
  3. I like the way you look in the last pictures, really pretty color and style.
  4. i think the dark looks really beautiful on you and you should keep it in that color family. my hair is also naturally kind of a mousey, average brown color and i've been dying it almost black since september. the look with our natural hair color is very girl-next-door and kind of juvenile, imo, and the dark is a little bit more exotic and makes more of a statement.

    i've also noticed it's easier to play with makeup colors with dark hair.
  5. I think your natural color is really pretty, I personally have been trying to attain a brown similar to the shade in your prom picture, but all I keep getting is dark brown. I think with your skin color you can definitly go lighter.
  6. Stay dark..looks great on you!
  7. I agree, the dark looks great on you, I would stay dark
  8. I love the dark hair on you. I think dying it lighter will make you look younger, so it's really up to you as to what image you'd like to project.
  9. I like your hair dark.
  10. I like the dark color on you, it really brings out your eyes. I also think you look great in bangs!
  11. I love you with dark hair! Your bangs look really good in the last two pics.
  12. The darker hair looks great on you. The bangs really flatter your face also.
  13. The darker hair looks great on you! Makes your pretty features pop up more. The lighter hair color kinda washes you out a bit. It's doesn't have the "wow" factor as much as the dark brown.
  14. I like the darker hair on you! The dark hair plus the bangs really flatter your features and make your eyes pop.
  15. You look hot either way, but I would have to say dark.