hair color problem - coloring shampoos any good?

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  1. my natural colour is dark ash blond - so I started getting highlights (professional) which frankly I was not that crazy about bec I don't like the way the colour changes after some time.

    a little while ago I asked the stylist and she recommended a natural dye, not colour, as it would be less heavy on the hair. i made the mistake to go by her colour suggestion which was blonde with gold - and essentially it is a reddish-tone, which i didn't want bec it doesnt match my roots.....

    I have since dyed over but the highlights caught the red tone, so after the darker shades wash out it is red-ish again.

    my question: are colouring shampoos any good or am I better off going to back to the salon, dyeing it once more? I dont want to lose my hair as I did many years back from too much colouring....

  2. You could try a purple or blue shampoo if you want to tone the yellow- or orangeness. If it's truly red you could either dye it darker or bleach it.
  3. Loreal had a product that was like a toner for highlighted hair. It took out the brassiness. It came in 2 colors one for blond highlights and one for dark brown hair. If you are lucky enough to find this product in the drugstore it should work. My drugstores here don't carry it anymore. It came in a hairdye box and was made my Loreal. I think it had a name with toner in it. It lasted a month. I just used it when I colored my hair once a month. I know most drugstores carry that silver shampoo which is dark blue to take out red tones and Aussie line had their own version of it with a conditioner. Any beauty supply store will sell this type of product.
    Good luck.
  4. thanks a lot for your replies. will have a look 4 these. it isn't red-red, just sort of 'gold'. we'll see what I will do, maybe just let it grow out. i just do not want to lose my hair again from too much colouring...