Hair color help

  1. So, I am a little bit in the poor house (saving for a new iPod and a B bag) I am trying to cut corners and I'm thinking about dying my hair myself as oppossed to going to the salon.

    What is the less damaging/best color that you suggest I use?

    Thanks a bunch!!
  2. Honestly, I would wait until I had the extra cash to have it done by a professional colorist. If you make a mistake you may end up spending way more to get it corrected, not to mention the potential for damaging your hair in the process...HTH!
  3. I dye my hair sometimes if I'm bored, or I wasn't exactly "wowed" by the job that the stylist did. (After I've had it for a while, meaning I didn't really feel like paying for something that made me go, eh?) I've had to move and go through the adventures of finding a new stylist alot lately though...

    Whenever I've dyed my hair in the browns, I've used Feria... it has some shimmer to it - so your hair doesn't end up looking flat. When I was a blonde in college (and a broke college student, so I tried to length time between salon visits as much as possible) I used Loreal Preference, and it seemed to work well for blondes...

    Don't do anything drastic color-wise at home, but if you're just going to "freshen up" your color... then it's do-able.
  4. I agree with Bags4Bubbles. Don't do anything too drastic at home. I find that Garnier's Nutrisse is the less damaging one of all the ones I've used. Hope this helps!