Hair changing texture - smooth to crinkly

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  1. Hi ladies! I was wondering if you could help me out with some hair trouble I've been having for almost two years now. When I was younger (read: teenager through early 20s) my hair was thick, shiny, and smooth. Suddenly, it changed texture from smooth strands to kind of a crinkly texture. I used to be able to run a single strand between my finger tips and it would be perfectly smooth, but now, the majority of my hair is this odd crinkly texture. It doesn't really affect the overall waviness of my hair, though I think it's a bit frizzier, but it feels odd when I run my hands through it.

    I've done everything I could think of to try and change it back to the smooth texture it used to be. At first I thought it was drying out, so I switched to a heavy duty conditioner. It gave my hair more of a wave, but did nothing else. Then I thought, maybe it's a product buildup problem (I used to be a swimmer), but it didn't feel like they typical greasy feeling of chlorine buildup. I tried a clarifying shampoo and an apple cider vinegar rinse, neither of which helped. The ACV probably made it worse, actually, though it did make my hair shiny.

    I'm kinda at a loss. I asked my hairdresser, and he mentioned vitamins, but I already take a multi-vitamin (and have done so since I was a teenager). I don't blow dry my hair, I don't straighten it or curl it either, so it can't be a heat damage problem. I've never dyed it, so that's not it either... Any ideas?
  2. Have you had children? My hair texture changed after I had kids.
  3. ^^^ How did it change Swanky? I have heard that your hair changes every 7 years or so and sometimes it can just change over time due to various changes. Have you tried taking a hair vitamin like GNC Ultra Nourish hair or taking Biotin? that may help hair takes time to change usually so give it some time.

    P.S. the link glamour posted mentions what I have heard about how your hair changes every 5-7 yrs and other reasons it can change.
  4. no idea about the years. But I noticed my hair being much more wavy and even a few coarse strands here and there after I delivered my 1st baby. I also had to highlight my hair more frequently as it darkened a bit.
  5. I share swanky's experience in that my hair used to be full and completely straight. After I had my first child I noticed it becoming more wavy. Now after 3 kids (And age I suppose) my hair is thinner and definitely more wavy. I had a couple of keratin treatments in the past which made my hair strands feel a bit thicker/heavier and made my hair fall straighter, but haven't had one in a while.
  6. What do you do to your hair? Color, flat iron, curling iron-all of these can change the texture of your hair. The best thing in my opinion for hair is a heating cap and a good deep conditioner. Do it at least once a week. My friend with overprocessed dry and wavy hair does it three times a week and her hair actually looks stuning. You can buy the heating caps at beauty supply stores or online (Sally's). My friend says the cheap conditioner called by Wella and I believe Queen Helene (both came in tubs) actually works better then the very expensive ones and she also loves the oil conditioners. I used to do this to my hair and need to buy a new heating cap because I miss how soft my hair was when I had one. Also a finishing gloss spray helps any hair. My daughter has hair half way down her back and I use a glossing spray on it in the mornings and I can see a difference.
  7. Interesting article. I knew about thyroid hormone imbalance causing hair problems, but never heard about insulin. Maybe a trip to the doctor is in order.

    Nope, no kids!

    See, that's the weird thing - I don't do anything to it- no straightening, no curling, no blow drying... And even as a teenager I didn't do any of that. I work in a lab, where dress is casual and we have to put our hair up, so none of us bother styling it. My hair gets blow dried maybe once or twice a month, and I use a heat protectant spray... Other than that, it's just air dry and go.
  8. Your hair texture changes every so often. Different things can trigger it. When I hit puberty my hair went from STICK STRAIGHT to so curly that now I get it chemically straightened. My cousin's did the same thing. My mom said hers changed drastically after having kids, and her friend's changed in her 20s.
  9. my hair was slightly wavy and fine as a kid. now its fairly curly as an adult. i do not have any kids.
  10. It hasn't changed it's overall texture - like, it was wavy when I was a teenager and it's still wavy now - just the texture of the individual strands.

    Sounds like I'm stuck with it, lol. I was hoping there was something I was doing wrong/could fix to get it back to the way it was. Thanks for all your help and suggestions, ladies!
  11. Hi cheetah_pita, I was wondering if you ever discovered what it was that made your hair strands crinkly like that? The same has happened to me - I went from having full healthy head of hair that was a little bit bouffy but still smooth, to have a canopy where the hair strands are crinkly. If I run my fingers along it, its full of bumps. I'm not sure what happened to make it like that... It happened around the same time as when I moved to a colder and dryer city though but the city isn't THAT dry or cold..

    Anyway, just wish I knew why its become like that so can fix it!