Hair Care ?

Jan 23, 2006
My Hair is one of my favourite features, so I love to take care of it. Its very long thick and Black.
Well, I visit my hairstylist every 2 weeks to get it washed, set, scalp treatment and massage. I have it trimmed every couple of Months. I use Vidal Sassoon shampoo and conditioner at home once aweek.
I used to dye and highlight my hair but I dont anymore.

How about you ? :love:
my hair is long, brown, and quite curly. i get blonde highlights in 3 similar shades to bring out the curliness (more than 1 color makes the curls pop more) every 4-6 months and wash 3 times a week with samy volumizing shampoo and conditioner. when my hair is wet, i put on frederic fekkai curl lotion to tame the frizzies. i let it dry naturally, i never ever blow dry my hair because most curly hair is naturally dry and blow drying just kills it. i also never flat iron or brush it - just a good once-through with my fingers in the shower. that's the only way to really prevent frizz.
My hair is dark brown, and naturally wavy and frizzy. I use Bumble & Bumble Coco shampoo and conditioner, and once a week I use Bumble & Bumble Sunday clarifying shampoo to get rid of the styling gunk I put in it. I blowdry my hair straight most days, and use a ceramic straightening iron set on low. I put Biosilk serum in it before blowdrying, and after I'm done use Kiwi wax to give it a more "piece-y" look.

I get a trim every 8 weeks or so, and until recently used permanent color. I'm deciding if I want to keep it all one shade, or go back to getting highlights for the summer.
I have blonde hair just past my shoulders. Its natural blonde but periodically get highlights, mostly in the winter since I get them in the summer from the sun.

Lol well I go on cruises twice or three times a year, and have had my hair done onboard usually, can't beat the view while I'm getting it done and its a vacation ritual ..I've been very happy with the Steiners staff that work in the spas on ships.

I just wash and wear, if I don't blow dry it I have waves, if I do it gives me more body but straightens it. Once in a while I use a curling iron.
i use to get hair cuts every 8 weeks, i've be come so broke now, i cant afford it now! so i'm just gonna let it grown for a while!

ive never had my hair coloured - im too freaked out by it!

i just use clariol shampoo and conditioner in my hair. and my ghd straightener and product to give it a nice sleek look... im pretty much plain jane! :smile: its quick easy and simple! :smile:
Mine is trimmed every 2 months and colored twice a year. I use John Freida Radiant Red b/c I'm red right now. I have various other leave in conditioners, heat activated conditioners and in regular conditioners. My hair is very dry so I have to keep it conditioned.
I've had the same long hair for years now. I don't really do anything to it...I just wash with Pantene or something from Philosophy (I'm really into Cinnamon Buns right now), and let it air dry. I've tried to grow it out tio donate, since every hair stylist has commented on how "natural" my hair is, but once it gets past a certain point, I start to shed like crazy! I'm working up the courage to get a real haircut, as opposed to a trim. It would be the first change I've had in about 5 years!
allison said:
I use all Aveda hair products and visit an Aveda salon every 3 months for color and cut. My hair is the healthiest it's ever been.

me too! my hair so thick and healthy from the aveda products even though i heat style daily. i have my hair cut and dyed all over (usually, sometimes i get highlights) with aveda colour every 8-10 weeks.
My hair is very long thick and dark brown. I cut it every 2-3 months and always wash with Kerastase products then conditioner and once a week a masque. That's it.
I'm currently in the process of growing out my hair. It's naturally VERY dark brown and I've done quite a lot to it. I've had beauuuutiful blonde highlights done in a salon a few times, I've also had it professionally darker with deep red in it. I've (literally) bleached a thick chunk of my hair on one side ( sounds ugly, but actually looked kind of cute). This fall I went from having the perfect blonde high-lights.... to dying the the front half of my hair as blonde as it would get ( we're talking like, bleaching it OVER and OVER with the highest strength) and then I put red in it. It looked cute for about a week, and then it looked absolutely horrible. So, I bought myself some dark brown hair dye and went back to (almost) my normal color. Seriously, I changed my hair so much so fast- that even my roomate who I never talked to told me I was overdoing it! So, needless to say my hair is VERY upset with me. I have really fine hair to begin with, so it's definitly not happy. For awhile all I could use was super moisturizing products ( bc of all the dying). Now, thank goodness, I deep condition a few times a week and I'm cute. :smile:

I LOVE getting my hair cut, and it seriously is such a fun little way to feel good about yourself. :smile: I hate having the same style for too long, but I really want long hair, so I'm being good and leaving it alone ( but I allowed myself to get bangs!).

My shampoo for now is Sebastion Volumizing ( SO yummy, it smells like grapefruit:love:) I totally reccomend it. I also use bumble&bumle surf spray for texture and volume, it's a very addicting little product. And of course, my Jonathan redo is great for spraying in midday to keep it looking fresh! :smile:
I have dark hair. I don't really know what color it is! I'm Korean, so you'd think that I'd be able to have thick, healthy, black hair. Instead I have thin hair, but just a lot of it so that it's "thick." Anyways, my hair is like a reddish brown I guess. I get a lot of white hairs, and in the process of turning white, you can find basically every shade of hair color between almost black and white.

I haven't been using conditioner lately and my hair is a bit dry now with the dry weather. So I've switched to using Nexxus again. I also have Kiehl's amino acid shampoo and the paul mitchell super skinny shampoo, but I don't like them as much as Nexxus. I shampoo daily, brush, and airdry. That's about all I do to my hair, besides putting it up in a pony tail when working out. I get a cut every couple of months. Gosh, I should really pay more attention to my hair!

I'm really interested in frederic fekkai and bumble & bumble products, which one do you recommend more?
My hair is frustratingly baby-fine and thin and mostly straight. I'm in the process of growing it out from a pixie cut (which is the style I've had most of my adult life) into a chin-length bob (which is long for me). I get it colored professionally now, and it's a lighter reddish brown with gold highlights. I've been various shades of red for a couple of decades now, and would like to try moving toward a more caramel color with blonde highlights. My natural color is a dark, mousy blonde with reddish tones. (I always thought I was a brunette until a hairdresser friend corrected me.) I have to wash it at least every other day though, to keep it from looking stringy, which is one of the reasons I never have the patience to let it get very long.
My hair is naturally brown but I dye it blonde and nautrally very wavy. I hate the waves and straighten it twice a week. My hair can get really dry and I use Pantene ProV for dry hair. I :love: it.
My hair is about shoulder length, natural and dark brown. I wash it weekly and usually wear it in some kind of twists, afro puffs, etc. I want to go back to coloring it alah my relaxer days. I'm too scared now though that it'll make my hair hard and brittle. I think I'll take the plunge in April for my birthday and get some highlights.