Hair accessories

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  1. Im in need of new hair scarves, headbands, hair ties etc....any fun website suggestions? I have tried Hair boutique and Nordstroms...nothing is exciting me. Thanks for your ideas as always.

  2. hmmmm.....all i can think of at the moment is NAP

    i'm loving the pucci hair tie :P


    oh i also recommend you check out (although i should warn you that they're extremely overpriced......but whenever i'm in korea that's the kinda stuff i love to pick up :shame: )

    ohhhhh and i can't believe i forgot :love: :love: her stuff......

    and shop intuition has some cute stuff as well
  3. i love tarina tarantino, also accessorize sometimes has something nice, miu miu has fantastic hairbands and sometimes you can find something fun by MJ
    can't think of anything else in this moment, if i'll have an illumination, i'll let you know!
  4. Wow....I like that Pucci tie!
  5. it's comes in blue too.....i think it'd be amazing for summer with a high pony tail........the forum has made me scarf-obsessed lately :smile:

  6. I bought this Pucci tie from N-A-P, in blue, two weeks ago - it's gorgeous, but mine has a slight pull.

    I'm still not sure whether to bother returning it or not!
  7. I find Neiman Marcus never fails if you go in their stores. They always have beautiful things
  8. Has anyone bought from

    These look interesting:
    Eldorado Club horseshoe dice hairclip - $12 (not including shipping)
    Eldorado Club heart and arrow retro silver plated hair clip - $12 (not including shipping)
    Eldorado Club Pink Elephant Retro Enameled Hair Clip - $14 (not including shipping)
    Eldorado Club Silver Plated Hibiscus Barrettes - $12 (not including shipping)
    The Diva Pinup's Triple White Orchid Clip - $18 (not including shipping)
    The Diva Pinup's Black Rose Hair Flower - $14 (not incl shipping)
    Adia Kibur Asian style bakelite hair sticks - $6 (not incl shipping)
    Eldorado Club Shamrock Hair Clip - $14 (not incl shipping)
    Eldorado Club Rock & Roll hair clip - $14 (not incl shipping)