Hair accessories, what do you like?

  1. What kind of hair accessories to you like, own, use?

    What kind of style do you keep your hair? Does your hair style match the practical needs of your everyday life?

    I like scrunchies, slides and recently have been on a hair stick buying spree (damn you, eBay!!!!), so I'm going to be on the market for hairstick styles (try saying that three times fast).
  2. I use hair sticks, headbands (stretchy ones and plastic ones) , head wraps, hair ties..(no scrunches though) Hats, and my latest love to working with Florida humidity and my natural wave is hot rollers...I have been loving my hair lately!
  3. I'm plain (errr well maybe just lazy). Most of the time I just pull my hair back with rubberband a ribbon tied over it or a headband.
  4. I prefer headbands, hats and scarves. My hair is really not that much work. I just put it in a loose chignon when my hair is wet and then voila...instant waves when it's somewhat dry!
  5. I have long, naturally curly/frizzy hair. No hair-thingys for me, just loose and natural. I didn't know people still used scrunchies...very interesting!
  6. I like scrunchies, ribbons, head bands, and clips. I think my hair is pratical. If it's not, I always have a scrunchy on hand to just tie it up. :lol:
  7. I lost the last of the floofy fabric kind two winters ago but I have the elasticated ones that are wrapped in close "knit". They're good for quick-n-easy styling.
  8. I got some knitted fabric scrunchies in Sephora in Paris and I love them! What on earth is a hair-stick?
  9. I don't wear a lot of hair accesories but when i do, i love the snag-free rubberbands from sephora, stretchy goody headbands, and cotton pucci scarves.
  10. I rarely ever put my hair up, but when I do I use just a regular hair band.
  11. Usually, I wear my hair down but when I do put it up, I just tie it back and add a nice Burberry headband. I love em.
  12. I own lots of clips and such but never use them. I got them thinking they're cute and half-thinking I'd be able to use them. Yeah right, like once for some and never for most!

  13. Ooh yes! They're definitely back! I bought this Pucci Wing print hair scrunchie/scarf a couple of weeks ago.

    I also have a lot of different colours of Tarina Tarantino antique style jaw clips and hair bands and a few Johnny Loves Rosie hair bands.

    I usually wear my long and wavy hair down, too, though! :smile:
    Pucci Wing Print Hair Tie.jpg
  14. I love to put cute flowers in my hair or a nice floral scarf. It always jazzes up my look.
  15. I heart those scrunchies.

    A hair stick is... a stick that's used to poke into your hair and make it hold? Or to decorate too. Hopefully mine'll have arrived by then and I can poke you... I mean, show you when you're down here. :lol: