Hair accessories - online shop.

  1. I'm looking for hair accessories like flower deco, feather flower clip all sort of things that are related to hair accessories. Anyone knows where I can buy them online? :confused1:
  2. I like Claire's. Lots of cute things.
  3. Never thought of that but I'll check into it. Thanks!
  4. Thanks ladies but I'm actually looking for something more formal, just like what the japanese singer had on. Anyone have any information where I can find these? Thank you so much.
  5. Mikiye's Etsy Page

    Feel free to drop her a line for custom pieces, she's a sweetheart! :heart: I bought the one on the bottom right corner from her a couple of years ago.


    You can also see some more of her designs on her website, Mikiye Creations :smile: Hope that helps!
  6. claires is great!
  7. is it just me..or do i smell...discreet spammers?