Hair accessories for Asian hair

  1. Hello! What hair bands, clips, etc. work best with Asian hair. I have very straight smooth hair that does not like to stay up. Or what hair products would help me so I can actually style my hair? Right now all I do is blow dry it and keep it down.
  2. No accesories...every other non-Asian woman and their mom wants your silky straight hair, so wear it proudly! :smile: I personally like to use my T3 Tourmaline straightening iron to give it that extra "super silky shiny" kick in under 2 minutes (sephora link). It's truly amazing and your hair would give a supermodel's hair a run for its money. I get so many compliments! (except from Asian people who don't compliment, but rather ask, "How much was that Magic Perm?" *rolls eyes*)

    I like to keep my hair up for work, but I usually leave it down any other time. Honestly, it's difficult to accessories silky, slippery, straight hair. Better to just go with mother nature than to fight her. :smile:

    If you must curl or style, I recommend using Dove hairspray. It smells great and leaves hair soft. That being said, I don't have a lot of product experience...I just use my flat iron.
  3. you should be proud of your silky slippery straight hair! I'm asian and i was "blessed" with frizzy wavy hair. i've done magic several times to get straight hair, but it just messed it up. i think asian hair is the prettiest when it's just left down. but if you want a change, how about a cut? shaggy layers will give more interest. or a digital perm so you can see what it's like to have curly hair for awhile.
  4. Oh no! Sorry to give you the wrong impression! I really do love my hair. I was just wondering how else I can style it instead of leaving it down all the time. Pony tails and such don't seem to hold and always looks messy on me. I need a professional look for work so that is what I was really asking. I guess I wasn't really referring to "accessories!" Sorry about that!
  5. I'd like to know too. My hair is super long but I can't bear to cut it short. I work in a corporate environment and aside from putting it in a ponytail (and bun just falls out), what's a quick and easy accessory to wear?
  6. The Goody "stay put" elastics for working out are a must! Also, consider spraying your hair lightly with sticky hairspray (non-aerosol is better) then putting up in a clip. Hope this helps!! : )
  7. It's hard. My hair is very long and straight. All the clips slide down eventually. Pins and hair spray is your best friend in that case. I don't use hair spray at all but I do use pins occassionally to help hold my hair up or in place.
  8. well im asian as well, and i dont like putting my hair in ponytales. but recently, i found an AMAZING hair clip at walmart, and i dont know how i lived without it. Im sorry that i dont have a picture, but i could describe it if it helps. well it is basically a claw clip, but the shape is a circle. it has claws all around its circular shape. i think mine is from GOODY and it cost not even 4 bucks. it is really great. i twist my hair in a chinese bun and put the clip over it, and it literally stays for hours. you could go swimming or jump off a cliff, and it wouldnt come out. it looks really classic and so much more professional then a ponytail. i usally let my bangs fall down and wear it loose. this takes like 2 minutes, and im out the door. it looks professional and put together. i have pretty long hair, and all my hair fits in the clip comfortably. you all shouuld really try itt. and ive had it for a coouple months now, and i wear it almsot every day. ive dropped it and it never breaks. also, it lasts so long and i bet mine will go for a year.

    ps. if u wrap ur hair in a chinese bun and use the claw clip over night with wet hair, in the morning ur hair has a great natural wave to it!

    hope i helped :]
  9. I usually purchase a nice, small hair clip from Target or Ross and pull up my hair half up. I have straight, long hair too and it works for me during those bad hair days. I think Nordstrom has pretty beaded hair clips, but pricey.
  10. I love my asian straight hair ;p