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  1. Are they all the same size? I mean the leather vs. signature vs. ocelot... I usually like large bags. I haven't seen one IRL yet but from modelling pics they look to be a good size. I like the crossbody aspect for travelling.
  2. yes, they should be thr same size
    it was too small for my, i have alot of baby stuff in my bags
  3. They are the same size. However, they tend to slouch differently depending on the material. I have the silver lurex op art, it's very soft and slouches nicely. I love the size of it and how looks when it's slouchy. I had the patent Jade but returned it because I didn't like how the shape looked on me when I was wearing it. They're the same bag, so go figure! The patent leather was much stiffer and didn't have enough slouch for me, so the bag ended up looking much bigger on me than the silver op art does.
  4. I have the Ocelot and it slouches beautifully.
  5. They are all the same size, but TDoll's right about the different levels of "slouchiness." For size comparison, it's pretty close to a medium Zoe or medium Carly, maybe just a little bit bigger.