Hailey!!!!!!! NO!!!!NO!!!!NO!!!!!

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  1. I checked the Coach website a few minutes ago, and Hailey is gone! I called customer service and she thinks they are discontinued! I called my local store and she too thinks Hailey is discontinued!!! OMG!!! I have to keep breathing!:cry: There is a new Ashley
    convertible hobo on the online sale right now that looks suspiciously like my beloved Hailey! Have they really traded Hailey for this MFF Ashley version? :wtf:
  2. :hugs:

    I'm afraid this will happen to Sophia.

    It amazes me how the MFF versions always look cheaper.
  3. After a few other lines have been discontinued it really wouldn't surprise me if they did discontinue Hailey. Sorry your favorite line isn't available but it could come back.
  4. How sad! I love my Haileys. I have the cherry, jade and cornflower, plus a few siggies. I don't like the MFF Ashley version. I'm not surprised it is being discontinued. When I bought the cherry, the Haileys weren't prominently displayed in the store. It would have been easy to miss them.
  5. I saw the MFF version on FOS....I hope that this would not happen to sage and Laila...
  6. I was in a FP store last night. Someone exchanged theirs. It wasn't big enough. Sorry. That kind of thing happens all the time.
  7. Hailey has been around a very long time...so it does not surprise me especially after seeing the MFF version. Wonder if they will call the MFF Sophia Ashley as well.
  8. So sad to hear this....I must get a mahogany one before they are gone!!
  9. I kinda figured this when I saw the new Hailey-ish
    looking Ashley in this FOS.
  10. Wow, glad I got my saffron one when I did. I've been carrying her the past couple weeks and love her.
  11. I'm sad about this too! I never really got into them because I thought they were small, but then I bought the patent orchid one and I was like, WOW! It holds so much more than I thought! I was hoping to pick up a black one, so maybe at the outlets or FOS.
  12. I just got the Mahogany Hailey on Tues, and when I ordered it last Thursday, they told me they only had 6 left so you better hurry.
  13. I've been so sad all day long!!!:sad::sad::sad:
  14. Sad news- although I agree that the Hailey's have been around quite a while...I love that style for hands free!