Club Hailey Club....Lets see them!!!

  1. WOw. This thread has REALLY got me wanting a Hailey. :biggrin:

  2. fell ouut of love with her... and she really didn't go with my wardrobe! i have one orchid/lavender/light purple blouse... nothing else purple.... i do have a lot of black... but have the black and red purses to wear with them.... the material (kind of fragile IMO).... the light color (too easy to get dirty) and the biggest reason.... the SA had shown me the mahogany in the store and i waivered before ordering the chainlink.... then once i got home i couldn't stop thinking about the brown one... AND.... my whole thing prior to PCE and going in to PCE was i wanted/"needed" a brown purse.... so i ended up with what i "needed" after a few buys and returns and i'm still loving mahogany hailey!!!! :yahoo:

    i still look at the accessories in the chainlink when i look at but not enough to actually buy any... kind of for the same reasons!
  3. she's really a nice purse! i'm in l.o.v.e.!
  4. Thanks Stormi! That's my only concern with the bag is that the fabric does seem a bit on the delicate side.
  5. I think a black leather Hailey would be PERFECT for me to wear for work. Air Force regs are very strict on the types of purses we can carry - the Hailey will definitely work (my Zoe has just a bit too much hardware). And the Hailey is SUCH a classic style - I can wear her forever. :biggrin:
  6. have you been able to see any of the purses in the chainlink material? that would give you an idea of what it's like..... (i.e. audrey or maggie)
  7. I *almost* bought the patent Jade Hailey today but decided not to at the last minute. I still might go back for her since the SA said I could use the PCE again. Anyone have the jade color? Any thoughts about what colors/types of clothes jade would match?
  8. hailey sounds like a perfect choice for you!!!
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    here's my hailey

    I love it to bits, i've gotten so many compliments from my coworkers and they all want to get one. It feels great on the shoulder and across the body and it doesn't dig into my shoulder cause the straps are a bit thin, but overall its one of the purchases i really love.

    I did wanted to get it in the khaki color, but i'm not digging the light beige c's on it. I wish it was like a brown c's then i would totally get it.

  11. Here is my patent camel hailey.
    camel.jpg camel3.jpg
  12. Beautiful Haileys everyone! Congrats!
  13. love all the Hailey pics here ..
  14. Im still crying over patent Hailey i couldnt get. Im hoping i love my patent Audrey when she gets here. Not literally crying,but i missed the Hailey boat twice now on that color. DANG. I was thinking about Jade Hailey too. I could go back and get her since SA said i could use my prvt offer again. HMMMM>>>