Club Hailey Club....Lets see them!!!

  1. My jade hailey (old style) has a d shaped ring rather than a round ring attaching the short strap to the bag. On the sides of the bag there is a U-shaped buckle with the strap rounded on the ends. On my new hailey, on the sides of the bag, there is a square buckle with the strap flat across the top and looped below the buckle. The zipper pulls are different and the older style has the three hangtags.
  2. Yes, cornflower is regular leather I was told.

    How does backorder work?
  3. Yes, it is regular leather. Here is a pic of mine.
  4. I don't know exactly, but I ordered it from a store and they said that if they did a backorder, I was more likely to get it. I think that the backorders get filled first.
  5. Thanks for the picture. It looks beautiful.
  6. Ok, thanks!
  7. YAY for HAILEYS! Here are 3 of my 4...I also have the Plum, but I do not have a pic.





    Orchid Patent

  8. Thanks!

    Do the old haileys also have it that when you wear it in the long strap there is a gap between the shorter strap and the bag? I love how on my Madison convertible hobo (old style) there isn't that gap, and the strap lays right against the bag. Know what I mean?
  9. Here are my haileys
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    JAX no longer has new style in bordeaux, mahogany or desert.

    Still have new style in acorn, saffron and dove.
  11. Purple Hailey[​IMG]
  12. That's the Madison convertible hobo, not the Hailey.
  13. OOps it is style number 15959 :p
  14. It's stunning whatever it is!

    So the convertible hobo was out first and then came Hailey?