Hail To The Orange, Hail To The Blue!!!

  1. It's a good day to be an Illini :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!!!

    Sorry, Megs and Vlad!
  2. I was just going to start a thread for all the Michigan and Ohio State fans. If you're feeling blue....well I'm an ND fan...so I can give ya some good tips for dealing with losing LOL
  3. Yeah:yahoo:, former Illinois resident here and Michigan state alum, so I'm happy with today's college football results. Illini looked really good against OSU, and Wisconsin was strong over Michigan. As the saying goes, my 2 favorite schools are Michigan State and whoever is playing against Michigan.

    I'm feeling for ND, though. What on earth is happening in South Bend this year??
  4. Oh boxer...it is a sad sad sad state of affairs! I didn't buy season tickets this because I had a feeling it might be bad...but not this bad. Apparently the students are starting to boo! Charlie Weis lives in the same suburb as I do...and the local grocery store clerk says that the sherriffs are at his house every weekend removing 'For Sale' signs. People are angry! But we remain loyal...bleeding that Blue & Gold!!! Hoping that next year is better!

    However, my Dad is flying in next weekend...and I got tickets for that game...he's never been to a college football game before, so I'm kind of bummed we are doing so poorly this year!

    *sigh*...the only good things in life for us right now are when teams like Michigan, OSU, and USC lose!
  5. WOOHOO!!! saw that game while I was getting a pedi/mani at the salon.....you should of seen all of us cheering!!
  6. Aww, Twiggers, I really don't like it when a coach (esp. one who seems like a nice guy) is targeted like that. There are some who are so arrogant they bring it on themselves, but Coach Weis doesn't seem like that type of person.
    (BTW, Rudy is one of my favorite movies--the autumn scenes on the ND campus are so nostalgic for me, even tho I went to MSU)

    windaycityaj-that sounds like so much fun! I love it when the big upsets happen, tho Illinois is a better than average team this year, so if OSU is looking ahead to Michigan, stuff happens.
  7. [​IMG]


    this is where i was today - Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA - COMPLETELY BLACKED OUT! Over 92,000 fans, all in black. Our players warmed up in red, the captains came out in red, and then when the team came out of the tunnel, they were in black jerseys for the FIRST TIME in modern college football history. Until right before they ran out, no one but the coaching staff knew they were going to have the jerseys. they turned the lights down to pray like they always do for a before they run out, and when they turned the lights back up, they were hanging in their lockers.

    i'm like GIDDY about this. it was the most jaw-droppingly amazing game i've ever attended. when they ran out of the tunnel, i thought the stadium was going to fall down.

    you know those ESPNU commercials that say "This is where football lives"?

    ATHENS, GEORGIA is where football lives today! 45-20 over Auburn.

    congrats, of course, to the other winners of the day :smile:
  8. :crybaby:

    Poor Ohio State... they looked horrible today. Just totally off.

    Congrats to those who had winning teams!
  9. I agree Megs :crybaby::crybaby:
  10. ..........."HAAAAILLLL, ALLL-MA MATER....EEEEVER SO TRUUUUUUE!!!!" :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Hey, with our history we gotta enjoy the victories while we can!