Haiku to my key pouch

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  1. Pretty berry pouch
    So small yet so grand and cute
    You make me happy

    I know...I'm lame. But I seriously love this little pouch so much!!!!

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  2. Not lame at all! I really want something in the cherrytart color, I've been contemplating the key pouch. I think it would make me happy everytime I would pull it out, too!
  3. haha! you're cute. i would add more comments, but your haiku says it all. i will say congrats though!
  4. I've had it for a while and it's been in my bag but have really started using it lately. The leather has really softened up too!
  5. Sweet haiku. :smile: I love the color of yours.

    I put my Metro card and work ID in mine so I'd be sure to use it a lot. I can just swipe them through pouch, but this way I easily remember to carry the cards every day.
  6. Cute
  7. You are adorable. LOL
  8. So creative!! Btw, your keypouch is so cute!!!
  9. I love it everything about it. !!
  10. Love the color! Nice Haiku.
  11. LOL, MJ poetry, I :heart: it!
  12. It's darling! Is the official color Berry? I love it!

    I actually have a key pouch coming to me this week. I may have to write a Haiku to it too! :lol:
  13. It's so cute - love that color too.
  14. So cute!! A key pouch is totally deserves a haiku.
  15. I think so...I will post in that thread to find out though! :yes: I can't wait to see your key pouch!!!!:love: