HAIKU bags--anyone own one?

  1. I'm loving 'Haiku' bags these days, even though I rarely carry around a Messenger bag (or, Diaper bag for that matter). Anyway, these 'whimsical' totes are offbeat and simple in their own way.

    I believe they're most known for the diaper bags; I personally don't need one of those (YET), though that's what Julia Roberts' carries--the prices are really cheap--under $100

    Anyway, I'm curious as to the quality; I've read good things...I really like the salmon-coloured "to go" bag (smaller than a messenger) but before I purchase, it's nice to hear from the "experts".

    As well, from what I can tell there's a fairly high markup between the 'Haiku' website and other online stores ($65 vs. $135-150) for the same bag; maybe this is normal--I've never worked in retail, so I don't know. I just missed out on a coupon code (15% discount) from www.mommieswithstyle.com


    ~for your perusal~

  2. Those look very cute. Did you see the "special offers" section - minimally flawed 2nds for $65. That is a great price for a cool diaper bag.
  3. I have almost every model of the older Haiku Bags. What I mean by "older" is that the creater, Sharon E. likes to change out the fabrics and colors to update them. Otherwise, the designs are all about the same. So the older models are the ones that are half off; and the ones with the newer fabrics are the ones that are full price.

    I have 2 To Go bags. These are wonderful as mini-diaper bags because: they have 2 bottle pockets on the outside (great for sippy cups and baby bottles), one full sized outside zippered pocket, one velcro full-sized internal sleeve, one smaller zippered pocket on the inside, and then the two outer pocket for easy grab stuff like tissues, hand sanitizer and lip balm. This is all on top of the main compartment which is pretty spacious.

    Haiku Bags also have plenty of smaller pockets if you like to stay organized. Plenty of zippered pockets to keep things secure, too.

    I also have their zippered wallet. It's big enough for a check book and has plenty of card slots for credits cards and all those shopper reward cards as well as three gusseted pockets for coupons and also a zippered pocket for coins. It comes with a detachable wristlet/handle for convenience.

    Their Grab Bag is probably the smallest purse they offer. It's just big enough for some lip balm, a smaller wallet, and a cell phone.

    The City Satchel is actually pretty long (almost 14 inches across). That one would fit a nice hardcover book and a wallet.

    I'm about to order the Jaunt and the Hobo in the Sale section of Haikubags.com. I've always loved their floral prints and the fact that they use recycled materials, which also makes the purses easy to clean (esp if they double as diaper bags).

    Hope this review helps!