hahahhaha Laguna Beach Show and Fakes

  1. on the episode where they all go to cabo at they all have "lv" keepalls...and they are all fake. with feet and junk. did anyone else see this episode and notice? ugh i hate that show....with all the fake drama and fake relationships and the fake bags......:hysteric: :yucky:
  2. Lol, never watched that show but it makes sense!
  3. i hate laguna beach..it's filmed on a beach near where I live...well like 45 mins away!
  4. Haha...they considered my old high school for the show. I was like 15 minutes away from it all! But yeah, they ALWAYS have fake bags on that show, it's ridiculous considering how much money they have!!!
  5. I saw that, too! I really don't know why these girls have a bunch of fake bags when they have so much money.
  6. i know...their houses are like huge and they all drive nice cars so why on earth would they have fake bags?!!
  7. i hate Kristin Cavalleri!! that's all i have to say about that show...
  8. LOL I saw that!
  9. I think the only bag that I've seen that was actually authentic was a Coach bag...I think I saw an authentic pochette accessories on that episode, but I'm not sure 'cause they were at a club and it was dark...everything else is fake.
  10. Yeah I remember seeing the pochette accessories also... I think it was on that kyndra chick when she was dancing in the club.
  11. haha yeah I saw that episode. I also don't understand the fakes when they have so much money.
  12. I don't watch this show, but while I was scanning channels a few months back, I saw a real Mono Mizi.
  13. eww i can't believe they own fakes with all that money

  14. WEll....they're saving their $$$ that's why they're rich!!!!!

    Money in the bank not in a bunch of handbags!!!!lol:lol:
  15. i thought i was imagining fake lv when i see that show, now i know its true.. lol!