hahahahahahaha ok who would buy this and why?

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  1. The dog is the picture looks so unhappy...
  2. uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh......How about something to push us around in???!!
    Seriously..my spy bag is heavy when loaded..........

  3. hahahahaha, it's kinda cute even though it's pretty much pointless
  4. HA! I just saw this in a pet store! I think its kinda cute, but I would never get it seeing that my dog would jump out of it! Isn't the point of a walk to get the dog or animal to excercise and walk??? lol
  5. We might. We have to chihuahuas..one is a little "Chunkster" the other is a tiny little Mouse. Hubby said that in a few generations Chi's won't need legs as we carry them around all the time and their little feet rarely touch the ground. I think if my daughter was younger, I would get this for her to use with the "babies"
    Lorri G is overcast, humid Florida
  6. I think its pretty cute. I don't see a need for it myself..but I wouldn't hate on somebody if I saw it on the street.
  7. Maybe Paris Hilton because she loves pink! :lol:
  8. Lol!
  9. i know it's funny looking.. but if you guys ever have a dog/pet and want to bring it around with you, and you happen to be in a mall that doesn't allow pets, what are you gonna do? At SCP (South Coast), it's illegal to have your pet roam around on leash or outside of it's carrier (ie: holding it in your arms/hands). If mall security catches you with it, you'll be escorted off the premises and be directed to go to Fascist Island instead, where as an outdoor mall, you're free to roam around and have your pet crap everywhere.

    i've seen plenty of people abide by the rules and have that kind of stroller through SCP with their lil doggies inside. as long as it's in the carrier/stroller thing, then it's fine.
  10. LOL This is when we hear articles about the rising weight problem in animals.

    All those Dog Whisperer type programs always end up stressing that most dogs are neurotic because they're not walked enough. Silly pet owners.
  11. Oh my gosh, I saw a lady with a couple of dogs in a stroller the other day and it cracked me up. She had like a doggy diaper bag kind of setup too, with a tote bag with a dog applique on her arm, and doggy biscuits hanging out of the pocket. It was hilarious.
  12. You know those thing parents have that go around their chests and the baby is strapped in? I saw a lady with one but instead of a baby she had her pomeranian in it LOL
  13. Lol.:lol: :lol:
  14. I would buy one my dog is terrible he walks a little and then just lays there. Very funny but we can't make him he isn't over weight he looks like it but that is because he has tons of hair he is a lhasa Apso.

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  15. haha aww...I would think that the dog would like to walk, and if you need to go into a store I think the small dog carriers are good enough, this just looks a bit odd. I've seen a dog in one of those bicycle attachment things that goes behind a bicycle.

    ...but then again, my friend has a chihuahua and to walk it she takes it to the end of her driveway in urban new york (lol, not very big driveway if you know cities) and back and the dog is tired. haha