hahahahahahaha ok who would buy this and why?

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  1. lol I would crack up if I saw that, but I think it's pretty darn cute.
  2. I just ordered one !!! what are you talking about ??? They are so chic on the streets.

    Just kidding LOL
  3. OMG! One of the girls on the other forum I belong to has one for her dog!!! I can't believe the pup would stay in there!!!:weird:
  4. Actually, I've seen a few people with these. I think it might be good for people with older pets who have pain or can't walk for extended periods of time for other reasons. With one of these, you can still bring Fido with you when you go out to the park or outdoor mall or whatever.
  5. I think it's kinda cute!
  6. I saw one at Petcetera the other day! They also have smaller ones for kitties, rabbits and guinea pigs! HEH! Thats quality time for your pets!
  7. It just seems so wrong... I didn't think we had to walk our pets like THAT!!
  8. that's what I was thinking. Now if you have a diabetic dog or a cripple cat then it would be understandable. But if you're trying to treat your dog like it's a real baby, then you have issues.
  9. I don't think a cat would stay in there. The stroller would probably get ripped to shreds...
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: My cats would tear it up, they hate being inside their carrier when they travel with me to my mom's house for the holidays.
  11. My dog would probably knaw a hole into it and jump out like Prison Break!
  12. Hahhahh, maybe to practice for having a baby in the future... I don't know..
  13. Is there even an appropriate comment for this?
  14. it has Better handling than 4 wheel version!!!!

    LoL.. that's what is says on the auction, how can you pass up opportunity to own one??? LOL