1. hahahahahahaha.
  2. Ok, I want to know how that hideous thing fetched 42 bids and my friggin' AUTHENTIC Gucci hobo and LV Twin GM doesn't get sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. im speechless... that is certainly a 'wow' factor... not on the purse.... but 42 bids on the fake... with the slanted monogram print?!?!?!?!?
  4. :lol:
  5. YEAH, I've had fab stuff languish too. That's FLEABAY for ya :evil:

    OMG that is FUGGGG - Leeeee. MY EYES!!!
  6. OUCH! My eyes ......!!!!
  7. OOH! KITKATS...we thought alike at the same time!!!!!
  8. Mmmmmmm...classy!!!!:blink:
    Who cares if it's fake, it's cheap!:blink: And looks it! lol:biggrin:
  9. :sick: Gross! I feel sorry for the person that "won" that piece of junk. I can't believe that someone paid that much for it. :weird:
  10. :sick:
  11. wtf is that?
  12. I think fug LV sells on eBay... !!
  13. Disappointing really, but that is going to be one unhappy buyer !
  14. Wow!
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