HAHAHAH I love....

  1. How I call my local boutique to ask a question... all I say is hey it's Candace (my first name) and they automatically know who I am

    Maybe I'm there too much...... :roflmfao:
  2. Aww... that's awesome. :smile: I want a boutique like that....
  3. LOL omg that's SO awesome!!!
  4. That is very funny!! I walked in w/my husband over the weekend and my favorite SA was there and she yells out "Hi Donna, I'll be right with you" and he just looked at me with this face!!! Im obviously in there too often as well!
  5. :greengrin: frequent customer!:graucho:
  6. LOL! Great customer service, though!
  7. Ya...they know me at mine too! But I LOVE feeling the SA love when I go! My SA's are the BEST!!!!!!! :smile:
  8. I wanna boutique, period!!!!! lol...that is cute though!
  9. :rolleyes:I get the same thing when I walk into my COACH boutique...it kindof FREAKS my hubby out :wtf: !!!
  10. My store is like that too! They even know my daughters names!
  11. Well yeah.. that too. I like the people at my outlet. There are too many of them though. I don't know them really....
  12. I don't have that great a relationship with anyone at my boutique :sad: It seems like the people there change so frequently and honestly, it's hard for me to be friendly with them because they can act somewhat predatory sometimes, not all of them but at times when I end up with someone like that I just want to run out of there!

    I did try to establish a relationship with an SA at my boutique and I even made it a point to ask for her when I went to make a purchase-but then I got annoyed because it seemed like if I didn't buy enough she would just pass me off to someone else to be helped-like if I was just buying a couple scarves and a charm, she would rather move on to help another client. I found that attitude a bit annoying so meh, I don't make the effort now. I'm not a huge spender in the boutique but still...it'd be nice.

    Of course there is another boutique by my school now and the SAs there are great and always admire my bags and talk to me when I stop in-but if I buy there I have to pay higher tax which adds up when it's on a bag that's a few hundred dollars-argh!
  13. Awww that is so awesome! I wish my boutique was like that!
  14. Unfortunately, the SA's at the Boutiques here change often and I never see the same SA twice! But the Outlet my sister goes to (in CA) - which I send her to pick up items for me - knows her name by sight! They even remember her purchases and ask her how she's enjoying them, etc. She goes there quite often since it's only 10 min. away - it's closer than any nearby mall! *lol*
  15. Do the SA's work on commission?